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The definition of duty in my eyes is the duty to transport frontward any and all assigned undertaking to a successful decision. With any signifier of duty goes a signifier of authorization to direct and / or take the necessary action ( s ) to guarantee success and besides within the bounds allowed to me harmonizing to JP 1-02 of Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Footings. Duty is besides defined as the province of being responsible. accountable. or answerable. Besides a heavy load. a responsibility. obligationor liability for which person is responsicle or accountable.

The duties of responsiblilty in the armed forces for illustration ; like being obligated for proper attention. safe maintaining. or detention of belongings ( such as ta-50. designation card { cac card } uniform ) or financess entrusted to be the ownership or supervising of an person. This besides falls under JP1-02 of Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Footings. | | What is duty? Responsibility is “doing the right thing wheather some one is looking or monoturing your progress” . Making the right thing means populating a life where every move or determination you make is all your ain and you do things that will non harm others.

It is a moral belief that as persons. we must act ethical and be accountable for our actions. and be witting of our determinations and the impact it has on society. In today’s universe I believe we have even more duties so our ascendants. If we do non take duty for our actions guiltless people can be hurt. You will be frowned upon and will lose the trust of others. Acting in a responsible manner can better our quality of life. In life we all want freedom and with freedom comes duty. So many people today do non desire to take duty for their actions and the impact it has on others.

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I know as a kid. my female parent. repeatedly told me that I must take duty for my actions. which I should ever believe twice earlier I do something. because my actions could ensue in a negative result. As human beings we are given by God free will. If we make certain picks based on our free will. we must be willing to take duty for the effects our determinations may hold on the people around us. every bit good as ourselves.

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