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If the universe of mass media is dominated by work forces. would it be more powerful and more effectual? What if females rule the intelligence industry. will the audience feel more on the softer side of the intelligence narrative? The differentiation of work forces and adult females existed even before the written history of the Philippines. Womans were limited when it comes to showing their ideas. sentiments. and accomplishments. However. in the present coevals. gender favoritism is already evanescent. The capacities of the ladies have improved for them non to be surpassed by work forces. The society offers about all businesss for both genders. In the field of intelligence and public personal businesss. the reporters and adult females affect the impact of the narratives. The Farlex Incorporation ( 2012 ) defines intelligence ground tackles as the personalities who “investigate. study or edit intelligence stories” . They articulate intelligence to inform the viewing audiences on the latest events go oning within a certain province.

These people can convert the community of adventurers. political analysers and bookmans. They are able to assist educate and reform the society through ratting and sharing life narratives of human value ( Robles & A ; Corsino. 2009 ) . News narratives are treated as goods or trade goods and as they deliver these goods wrapped with magniloquent words. they expect to pull people to watch their plan. Each newscaster has their ain schemes and techniques in explicating intelligence events. These patterns differ based on many facets such as their protocols in their telecommunication channels. their signature traits etc. However. it is evident that reporters and adult females have differences and similarities in making such attacks. Appearance has a important consequence in the efficiency of intelligence ground tackles peculiarly here in the Philippines wherein viewing audiences judge dependability through the physical facets. In 2010. the Spot Incorporated specifies the top 10 cutest local reporters and based from the description published. “mestizo” and “moreno” looks and facial characteristics are the common features observed.

Add to that is their trusty and charming faces. tidy hairdo and trig manner sense. With these factors. their masculine impact gave the audience an feeling of dependableness and the important presence due to their formal entreaty. In footings of the existent coverage. attitude of reporters still have commonalties in such a manner that when they utter intelligence studies. their faces exhibit earnestness ( Tenedero. 2012 ) . News ground tackles such as Ted Failon and Mike Enriquez speak faster ; hold louder and more powerful voices than newswomen which are apparent in their late dark intelligence plans. Their technique in giving accent to important inside informations is through transition and to do the intelligence interesting to all audiences. reporters sometimes add joking commentaries.

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Female intelligence ground tackles are most normally known for their soft voices and entreaty to the viewing audiences. Torre ( 2006 ) characterizes local female reporters as the people who give their attempts more on developing their visual aspect to pull the audience’s attendings. They turn to be celebrity-like public figures and more popular than work forces due to their formal tendency ( Uy. 2011 ) . Tenedero ( 2012 ) stated that newswomen report expressively in a manner the spectator senses strong feelings but still possess important entreaty to the multitudes. They besides react through overdone facial looks such as smirks and suspirations ( Torre. 2006 ) .

They besides speak quietly and easy and with their manus gestures as a manner to give accent on specific intelligence inside informations. Most of their studies show rational and adventuresome narratives which require unafraid attitude. Men and adult females have the same chance in the intelligence industry. News does non ask specific gender to suit in for coverage. Like the reporters. female intelligence newsmans besides give remarks and their judgements but in a humorless mode. They besides set up their character to the viewing audiences ( Tenedero. 2012 ) . During telecasting coverage. it is expected that people of intelligence and public personal businesss are in formal garb for them to turn out their trustiness. News personalities must besides keep proper position to demo important presence and to construct good feeling to the audience.

Mass media is considered as an establishment in the society and as a portion of it. intelligence ground tackles have the duty to function the state as the voice of the people when covering a intelligence narrative. As they deliver information. they portray different types of attacks in which female and male intelligence ground tackles are being weighed against each other. In footings of visual aspect. manner and manner sense. mode of coverage and wonts. reporters have several traits that are non seeable with the female intelligence ground tackles but all of them have one end which is to uncover. inform and educate the citizens of the state. George Herbert one time said. “There would be no great 1s if there were no small ones” . In some ways. there is no ground for the people to judge intelligence personalities. Although they differ in many ways. it is hard to state that one is better than the other. They have legion differentiations and similitude. They have failings and strength in many facets.

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