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“Reaction Paper About Language Policy and Local Literature in the Philippines” Multilingualism became one of the key factors why unity cannot be thoroughly assessed in a specific country. It became the basis here in our country that having many languages implies a rich culture, diverse culture but carries with it the brand that national unity might be generally impossible due to regionalistic factors. Our country experienced so many shifts in language policy.

Colonizers from Spain and America became the key contributors for it to happen. Looking back on the time of Spanish regime. Not all people can speak Spanish so the Spaniards made serious efforts to use Spanish to teach and speak it and make it as a national language. During that time, increasing number of tagalong users were growing. Slowly, it established the title as one of the major local language and until now, was strengthened and included as part of the school curriculum.

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To counter the growing number of Filipinos using other foreign languages, local literatures emerged to battle out the western culture. Filipinos during that time made use of their local language that is commonly spoken on that specific place and then use this language to write literary pieces like poets, production of drama; and sometimes as a form of entertainment during fiestas, other writers create a play using the foreign language emphasizing how it is awkward to speak the foreign language using ridicule included in the play.

Though Filipinos made serious efforts to preserve the culture, some are slowly being converted to use the foreign language, and that approach is in the form of a religion. During the Spanish regime, it became a must to use Spanish as a medium of speaking while inside the church. And many people was moved that if they will not do church work, they will not go to heaven, they became a “panatiko” without realizing that religion; Roman Catholicism; became the way for the Spaniards totally colonize the culture and imply the Spanish culture.

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