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I am going to write a persuasive speech, on asylum seekers coming to England.Ladies and Gentleman, I want to show my feelings by reading this speech. This means a lot to me, because I want to show that I care for the people around me, different places around the nation and especially I want to say it to the world.One day, I will see all cultures grouping as a community, sharing their talents and knowledge throughout the whole nation. All people from all different regions around the world want to show what gifts and personalities they can give to sports, politics and even the world of business. We can make lives change, we can give them a second chance and we can show what our nation is made out of. We shouldn’t judge them by their clothes or looks, if you are you are letting God down and especially yourself down. Together, we can stop them from banning these innocent people to come to our country. We want to be a country where people can live together and be a holy community where we can share. Together we can do this, if you believe in the immigrant’s hearts, you should especially believe in yourself.One day, I will see no war, just freedom. I see people rise and sing, in the Church of England. Let there be God to hold us and care for whatever we did wrong. I see people feel alive again; from they’re past experiences. I see in their future, I see goodness. I see innocent people standing up, looking to the sky, following the light, and forgetting the darkness, which shows their bad things in life.One day, I will see young sweet children from all ethnics playing in the park, and play together as sisters and brothers. This will be a day where it is special for all people. People can smile, people can have freedom and people can live. All different ethnics can give us talent, which no one can achieve. They can change the whole nation, and maybe the world with their talents. They can give us religion, beliefs and the world of music. We can invent new ideas, from these people, which we didn’t know of like tricks, games and even sports. They want a new fresh life, like an onion peeling off. They want to put their past behind, and look forward in life. We can do this, together we can solve their problems, we can give them shelter and we can show that we care. Believe in yourselves, look into yourselves and see the homeless, see the poor and see that they need your help. We can turn it around, and if you were in that same position, you would feel helpless and desperate to go into a better environment.One day, I will see all different ethnics coming out from different buildings, such as Chinese businessmen, Indian school kids or even a Romanian Teacher. I want everyone to be happy and by bringing asylum seekers over to here, we can achieve our gold. We can accomplish this mission, but we have to stick together, like a team, and especially for our country. We want to end their suffering for once and for all. We are happy now, but somewhere in the world, some people are begging and would do anything to get to our country. They want to do the things that we are doing now. Having an education, life, job and the top priority, a home.One day, I will see all ethnics holding hands, feeling that they belong here in our country. I will see people clapping, crying, people thanking each other for helping them to change their lives. People are cheering and sharing. People are enjoying themselves, feeling that God has blessed them. All asylum seekers have turned into British citizens, they believe that a Miracle has just happened.Together we can make something happen, together we can finish it all off. So hold your heart, think of the people who are in need of help, and lets bring those asylum seekers over here to give them a life and make the feel special. So rise up, believe in yourself, and go to that home office, chin up and we can make a world in a better place.

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