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Panera Bread is a countrywide known restaurant that provides premium nutrients in a sophisticated ambiance. Panera Bread is in the line of bakery-cafe . They decided to put themselves apart from restaurants such as McDonald’s. Wendy’s. and Burger King. The shops are equipped with really intimate scenes and Wi-Fi. Panera Bread specializes in a assortment fresh baked staff of life and repast options for the wellness scruples client.

SWOT Analysis Strengths •Panera Bread is known countrywide and this helps to pull clients. •Panera Bread has an mixture of fresh staff of lifes and meal offerings to suit those that are wellness scruples. •Panera Bread moved past the fast nutrient market and decided to offer high-quality. premium nutrient to its clients. •The overall atmosphere of the restaurant gives an confidant. at place feel that makes the client want •Scott Davis. senior frailty president and head construct office had a clear vision of the way Panera Bread would take and a clear scheme of how to accomplish that end.


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•The restaurant offers premium. fast dining and the monetary values may look to be on the higher terminal to clients. •Panera Bread has non been able to increase the frequence of which clients dine at the restaurant. •In order to come in as a franchise. Panera Bread has a really rigorous list of standards that makes it hard to measure up.


•Panera Bread can discontinue the chance to offer their fresh baked staff of lifes in supermarkets or sell their staff of lifes in shop to clients. •Panera Bread has the chance to offer a lower terminal eating experience. This lower terminal concatenation will appeal to possible clients who can non afford and expensive repast for the household.


•Panera Bread’s direct competition is fast-casual eating houses. •The alteration in the economic system has affected how frequently persons and households go outside of the place to dine.

Options 1. Offer Panera Bread’s signature dough and staff of life to local supermarkets or for sell at the Panera shops. 2. Introducing a lower market eating house. 3. Make come ining the franchise easier by doing the standards to measure up less rigorous.

Discussion of Alternatives Alternative 1: Professionals: Offering their dough for purchase by clients has the possible to bring forth more gross for the company. It will besides present the Panera Bread trade name into families of those who have non visited the eating house.

Cons: The cost to bring forth the fresh dough to clients may transcend the overall addition to the company.

Alternate 2: Professionals: Introducing an surrogate concatenation to appeal to a lower income client base will spread out the client base. With the present province of the economic system. households are happening it difficult to eat out particularly when the monetary values are high.

Cons: This peculiar alternate detours the company from their clear end. With so many low-cost restaurants. Panera Bread strives to put itself apart from the others.

Alternate 3: Professionals: Easing the standards would do entry in the franchise easier. This will let for more Panera Bread shops to open.

Cons: Easing the standards would deteriorate the stableness of the franchise. The rigorous standards guarantee the overall success of the franchise.

Recommendations Panera Bread would profit most by teaming up with supermarkets to provide fresh baked Panera Bread. Even though the company itself does non function frozen staff of life. it may be a good thought to offer the frozen dough for clients to buy.

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