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Pollution is a major problem that is among issues of discussions around the world today. There is an increasing awareness made, especially across the Asia and pacific region these days. This problem is a major concern because the marine environment is a dumping ground of unwanted waste materials. This has initiated dialogue to mobile careful considerations in strategies of overcoming this problem. This essay will argue that marine pollution should be addressed immediately. Firstly, it will argue why it should be addressed.

Then it will describe strategies in which it can be reduced. To begin with, Marine pollution is affecting the mariner’s environment and its resources. These resources contribute to health and economic and household wellbeing. There is significant increase in the amount of garbage disposed into the oceans that end up on the beaches. Also large amount Of wasted end up into the seas are from boats and ships during their transportation services that adds to Marine problems. Strategies can be made to sustainable develop, manage and conserve the use of marine resources and the environment.

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So it is important to address marine pollution immediately. Furthermore, the marine environment is a dumping ground for all unwanted waste materials. According to a European union report an estimation of 3. 5 million tons of trash has been pulled out of the Pacific Ocean, or as the size of Europe, and is the largest in the world http:// www. V. Sec. Europe. E/marine). This figure derives the fact that marine pollution is affecting livelihood in the Pacific and has to be addressed immediately.

However, the future vision of the Marine environment in response to its management and with the provision of approaches to marine conservation it ill of valuable and meaningful importance to foster community partnerships and co-operation. In addition, Marine pollution is a threat and its effects should be made known to the majority of people, different ages, and races in the region. Lack of facilities or lack of artistically educational resources and methods to reach out for this cause is also a setback. This is reflected in the behavior of society that they are not aware of the dangers of littering.

Marine pollution is a vital link to environmental changes example like rising sea level, ozone depletion, depleted fisheries, and climate changes. Another reason to address marine pollution is the marine environment supplies one third of food supplementary to the global market. Research has shown that about half of the corals are dead, the extinction of most of the marine species and the damages of coastal CEO-system like mangroves, etc. (http:/move. National geographical. Com/pollution)these are cause by pollutions.

Also there is a concern that most of the fish species are contaminated with toxic chemicals. With the increase of global population of up to 9 billion a year, strategies are to maintain the integrity and health Of the Marine environment and sources. Marine pollution affects health of the planet earth. The ocean supply of seventy per cent of the planet’s oxygen (http. WV/. Video. National geographical. Com. Marine/pollution)Also in a process that vaporizes the moisture in the air that later falls as rain and it regulates the global temperatures.

So if the oceans marine environment is exploited, where can we get all that the ocean provides? At most the global environmental issues are inter-related by this intricate problem of pollution. Over the past decade, Marine Environment Protection has become more emphasize, among other socio-economic or gee-physical factors because of the effects of pollution and how worse it has become (http//www. Undo. Com/environment/). The development of strategies is in some way addresses the problem.

Firstly, as far as good citizenship is concerned, from the coastlines areas including beaches, picnic spots, surfing areas, resorts and hotels near the seas, should be cleared and thoroughly cleaned of all debris and waste material. Heavy penalties should be imposed to people who are responsible for causing such problem to encourage conservation habits of the marine environment and spire good livelihood. Secondly through community partnership, policies can drafted can ensure consistence approaches to the progressive work carried to ensure responsible management in conserving the use of the marine resource and the environment.

This is reliable and also provides corresponding information that can be the foundation for future sustainable projects especially to the massive economic growth around Asia and Pacific region (http//WV. Gastroenteritis’s. Com/capaciousness/). This empowerment is through media communication, workshops, organization management, and adaptive curriculum development for beginner’s level, research strategies, public relations, and government partnership that can influence majority of the pacific society to protect the Marine environment. Thirdly in which this problem is addressed is through Waste management.

This is proper disposal of wastes materials into bins and recycling them, some waste can be decomposed. Also use non-plastic materials or ban the use Of plastics. This should a consistent practice established in our communities Fourthly foster community partnerships and co-operation -Improvements to purports the provisions of technical assistance to maintain the goal of proper sustainable development of the marine resources, the fishing grounds to be protected and Proper Ocean or Marine governance & management carried out for sustainable fisheries and marine coastal processes.

Fifth, Marine protection is very important to those who live by Marine and coastal areas. Because of the changes happening in the world today. Development wise, the Massive economic growth in the marine sector, it is much more of importance to advice and consult the on which appropriate measures to take o address this issue of Marine pollution. Regional co-operation is vital to ensure the prevention of the marine environment being exploited by pollution.

To have a sustainable Marine Environment system that maintains the health of the Marine environment it’s also ensures its sustainability to provide good resources for future generations. Proper marine education will promote good management skills to protect the Marine environment to reproduce efficiently without the threats of pollution to endanger the marine species and their habitat.

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