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People are the ones who develop and take care of the nature. People are also the main users of hat the nature could give. It was yesterday when it seems that people are not the problem, in fact, they are the factors that contributes to the betterment Of a nation. Today, it seems that people are coming way too fast and many already. Well, I say there’s no problem about it. No problem if these people are from other countries. But sad to say, the reality is, our nation, the Philippines has this problem, particularly . Overpopulation is and should be everyone’s concern.

It’s not something that we should blame only on the poor or the government or especially only on those who have seemingly taken God’s directive to “go forth and multiply to heart. It is a problem of all every Filipino people. 1 . Nag, Random. Overpopulated Philippines. Guenon city: C and E. 2009. 1. A. Background of the study This study intends to identify the causes and effects of overpopulation in the Philippines. The population is currently double every year. Such growth should be considered alarming and a possible threat to people as well as our environment.

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Fill pins must understand that these changes in population growth will foreshadow many changes in the years to come, including death. The world’s population is rapidly increasing and the accessory resources that were once in abundance such as clean water, clean air, fuel, electricity, and food are now becoming scarce. The basic needs for survival are clean air and water, safe food, clothing, shelter and health services. Without air, human can only survive for few minutes. Without water, humans can only survive for a few days. Without food, humans can survive for a few weeks or months.

Without adequate shelter, humans cannot survive the harsh environment for long. Without clothing, we will be living back in a stone age. Without medical care for some of the diseases, most people would not us;vive to old age. These will be the affecting factors if the Philippines would continue to expand its population in the years to come. Overpopulation is not merely an imbalance between the numbers of individuals compared to the resources needed for survival; it is also the quality of life that is experienced by those who inhabit a certain habitat, big or small. 1. Nag, Random. Overpopulated Philippines. Guenon city: C and E. 2009. 1-2 With 82 million people, the Philippines is the 12th most populous nation in the world after China, India, Lignite States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Japan and Mexico. . Four babies are born every minute according to the Commission on Population. In about ten years, the country’s population is projected to reach the 100 million mark. 2. Despite of the growing population, the government’s population policy has taken a conservative turn.

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