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India also has enormous problems with overpopulation. The current population is over a billion, but India does not have the large land mass that China has. India is experiencing major problems with declining water tables due to over-extraction beyond sustainable yield. India is building desalination plants to solve this problem. Because India has the same population density as Japan, some have claimed that Indian’s poverty is caused by underdevelopment, not overpopulation. Increased depletion of natural resources especially fossil fuels Increased evils of pollution: air, water, land and noise.

Once a country has industrialized and become wealthy, a combination of government regulation and technological innovation causes pollution to decline substantially, even as the population continues to grow. High rates Of infant mortality are caused by poverty – lack of basic necessities and poor living conditions. Wide spread of infectious diseases from overcrowding in slums, lack of adds Tate sanitation and clean drinkable water and scarce medical resources. Starvation, malnutrition with ill health and diet-deficiency diseases Worse famine

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Inadequate supply of fresh water for drinking water, industries and sewage treatment. Some countries use desalination to solve the problem of water shortages. Owe birth rate due to the inability of mothers to get enough resources to sustain a fetus from fertilization to birth, miscarriages Low life expectancy in countries with fastest growing populations, not good medical and health care and poor hygiene Unhygienic living conditions for many based upon water resource depletion, discharge of raw sewage and solid waste disposal

Elevated crime rate to earn money or steal resources to survive Conflict over scarce resources and overcrowding increased levels of civil war ??? Poverty coupled with inflation, then low level of capital formation. – aggravated by bad government and bad economic policies. Population growth exceeds economic growth “Malthusian trap”. Third World countries such as India lack the economic or infrastructural base to provide a rising standard of living for most of their people Deforestation: eight million hectares of forest are lost each year, hence loss of diversity and upset balance of atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide about.

Mass species extinctions as high as 140,000 species lost per year, from reduced habitat in tropical forests due to deforestation Changes in atmospheric composition and consequently global warming Irreversible loss of arable land and increases in desertification can be reversed by adopting property rights Over immigration to the developed world causes the Third World to.

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