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If we don’t take to consider of this issue then there will be threats opposing overpopulation. For more than five decades, Paul R. Earlier has been alerting people to the importance Of overpopulation and the threats that it may pose. In his 1968 best seller, The Population Bomb, biologist Paul Earlier more specifically declared, “In the sass and 1 9805, hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. ” Famines on that scale never arrived. The most important question in this essay is what are the threats that overpopulation will pose?

Poverty is one main problem, if the number of people exceeds the capacity of the environment or habitat then there will be a huge number of demands and not all the people will have their needs fulfilled, and countries will be unable to provide services for all the people, which will lead to great poverty. Another threat is air pollution. Basically it is a chain effect. If more people are born, more people emit waste and throw out garbage. This will lead to bad health issues. And any issue that causes damage to the health of a person must be solved as soon as possible.

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Overpopulation may cause scarcity. Scarce food sources and loss of habitat as will occur mentioned that there will be more demand and not everyone will be given all the needs possible to them. Negative Population Growth GNP – is a national membership organization founded in 1972 to educate the American public and political leaders about the detrimental effects of overpopulation in the environment, resources and quality of life. There is going to be poor water conditions and a lot of waste disposal problems.

Overpopulation causes malnutrition, which means insufficiency of one or more nutritional elements necessary for health and well-being. Lack of routines, minerals and vitamins causes many people specially children to die at a very early age. Overpopulation causes scarcity of food products, so in some poor countries a certain portion of the population is malnourished because essential nutrients are not available. The greatest health effects on people worldwide are caused by the issue of overpopulation. This phenomena impacts globally too.

Many people want to know what causes overpopulation, so the questioned that should be asked is what actually causes overpopulation? People migrating from countries to the countryside areas cause overcrowding which then leads to overpopulation. The migration of the rural population to cities is a major cause of this increase. People want to move where there are other people, din and bustle, a flurry of activities, social and recreational services, and above all employment opportunities. Once people get used to urban living, they rarely go back to the country side.

Some causes could be increased in birth rate and decreased death rate. Lack of education plays another important role in causing overpopulation. When not many people are educated, a lot of them will just be on the streets and work which will be difficult for them to find so hey will just be in the streets with no work or salary to support their family. The world population will increase in the future, mostly in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, even in Europe, where some cities are experiencing a negative growth rate.

In Australia and Canada, as well, population will steadily increase, although in the United States the growth rate will be higher because of the immigrants and natural growth. Thus, the threat of overpopulation is growing over the entire world. It is expected that the urban population will almost double in the coming years: it will increase from 3. 5 billion in 201 0 to 6. Billion in 2050 worldwide (Ignited Nations, 2007). There are many countries around the world that are overpopulated and facing many issues such as China, India, Pakistan and many others.

But the biggest offender to this issue is Bangladesh, which is a very densely populated country with mostly all of its citizens overfilled into the rivers. Poverty and bad health is comprehensive in the country affecting many children to die and get sick because of the poor quality of water they are drinking. There are many environmental problems that is concerning of what is going to happen to Bangladesh in the future; the country will be facing ore pollutions and natural disasters, scarcity will be all over Bangladesh causing many losses and decline in the lands.

According to M. Nathaniel Mead “the possible longer health risk Of ingestion Of excessive inorganic arsenic through drinking water is alarming’. Overpopulation is one of the biggest problems humanity has ever faced, and might as well face more if no solution is found as soon as possible. There has not been a good solution to solve this issue but however in recent decade, Paul Earlier, has been warning about catastrophic results of overpopulation. Earlier in his best-selling book of the sixties, The Population

Bomb, predicted that by the end of the twentieth century hundreds of millions would die of starvation, India would collapse, England would disappear, etc. Many surveys were done about how overpopulation could be reduced or controlled, and many answered that its easy just by decreasing birth rates and education etc. , but thefts wrong. Overpopulation isn’t just caused by high birth rates and low education. Even with the administration Of condoms, sterilization, etc. , the world’s population could be reduced by one-sixth to around five billion only. These ways for reducing the number of children can eave no effect on such problem.

People should stop thinking this way and start recognizing the realities and importance of what might this underlying issue might cause, and note it in a bit more politically , economically and in a business way. Countries should work together to conserve and preserve what they have before it is all gone. Overpopulation issue should not be ignored, everyone should be aware of what this issue is and what might it cause to the planet. People should also read and know that these simplistic solutions such as abortion and fewer marriages could do nothing to sustain the planet and educe the problem of overpopulation.

According to observation of nature suggests that the problem of overpopulation will eventually sort itself out. Finally to sum it up basically overpopulation means the number of people exceeds the carrying capacity of the habitat. It is a very serious issue that people should start concerning themselves with because it concerns the earth where people live. Migration, lack of education etc. , are all causes of overpopulation. Many people think that solving this issue is easy, but they are wrong. According to observations this problem will solve itself out by time.

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