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Mental health issues guarding beauty criteria drive women to the extreme B. It’s interesting how so many people fall under the spell of the media that don’t even realize when to stop. IV. Media propaganda force many women to have low self-esteem making them obsessed and not happy with their body shape and looks. A. Apparently the dimension of person’s waist, thigh or breast can trick a person into thinking that that is what is important in society nowadays. 1. People are so obsessed with how they look that even teens get surgery to look better. 2.

Teens get surgery to fit in better at school, social groups or even to fit in with certain family criteria. B. Trying to fit into the little box of standards that the society calls “beauty” can be very self harming. V. In summary, the beauty advertisements on women are tremendously harmful. It affects all aspects of women’s health such as physical, mental, and intellectual. A. Because there is so many beauty products and so many different views on beauty, women really need to be more watchful of what they think is right and what is wrong ND learn to accept herself as she is.

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B. Yes being beautiful is great, but to whom are you beautiful? To one person you can be gorgeous, to another not so good looking. So women try so many things such as: diet, exercise, starvation, eating 1 to 2 times a day, even depression to try to be “perfect” but sometimes it’s just not worth it. It’s the same as following a herd of cattle over the bridge and into the water to drown. Just because someone says something is beautiful, women have to make that decision for them and their well-being.

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