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While reading “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck you would be able to find some literary techniques and devices that he used. Some of them are diction and style. Diction is the choice and use of words in a formal or informal way of writing and the style is the method used to express ideas that can be suspense, dramatic or tragedy. The diction in this book is understandable and at the same time is informal. You would notice that the conversation between the characters is rudimentary and that the first time you read it you would understand what they are trying to say.

Sometimes the language that the characters get to used was very rudeness, shrewdness and crudeness. The perfect example is Lennie because of his mental problems he talks in an informal way like a little child which cause sympathy to the readers. Also, the characters talk informal because they have been raise in a ranch, and they didn’t have enough money to get a good education. But they have friendship, kindness and they work hard to try to accomplish their goals.

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Furthermore, when Steinbeck starts describing the scene of the death of some of the characters is with cruelness that you get scare. He narrates that part with a tone that doesn’t have passion. Also, tells it in a way that he doesn’t care about the death of a person and like is just a simply thing happening. Also Steinbeck gets to emphasize the real life of each character of the book. For example the illusion of George and Lennie that wants to get their own farm with their rabbits.

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