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There are also wind farms in the Philippines, example of this is the wind farm in Bangui, Locos Norte that has 25 Megawatt wind. Lately, DOE has found an ally to enhance and promote acceleration of our country’s min I-hydrophone development program. According to Green Chip International, the Philippines has abundant underground energy resources. Also, as said by British ambassador, Stephen Lie and by Dry. Walter Salter, there is a potential of the Philippines in gaining investors in the production of wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass energies.

This proves that we have a lot of renewable energy that we could use for many years. So instead of operating nuclear power plants in the Philippines, we must promote the use of renewable energy more. Renewable, clean and safe energy is what our country needs The Philippines is very rich in natural and human resources. We have more than enough elemental reserves and competitive local innovators. These two major elements are very essential in our own way of safe modernization. We have the right tools and materials however we lack one thing in order to carry out these aspirations. That is the support of our government.

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