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In Hong Kong, we may state adolescents ever impulse for something, even some may said that they are non willing to work in the society. Most important grounds is teenager fall in the societal motion, such as Occupy Central, oppose National Education Curriculum motion. It seems that stripling are really active in express their sentiments on societal issue. However, there have a group of childs which appear in Hong Kong, which let us high concern to them. These type of stripling are called non-engaged young person.

What is the definition of non-engaged young person? It means that an stripling who don’t articulation in instruction, calling, and ever conceal at place. Some may hook on the computing machine games every twenty-four hours, and do non go forth off from it. They don’t wiling attack the society. The ground for this is that they think that the society don’t attention these type of young person. It leads to be abandoned in the society. Even worse, they need to seek aid by Comprehensive Social Security Scheme ( CSSA ) , to keep their day-to-day life outgo, such as transit fee, meal fee, etc.

Another refering job of non-engaged young person is their calling. The ground for this is that they are non willing to near the society, we may concern that there are some non-engaged young person may hold high working accomplishments, merely necessitate to better their interpersonal accomplishments.

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For the service provide for non-engaged young person in Hong Kong, there are a batch of different type of services which provided for non-engaged young person. In 2013, Social Welfare Department ( SWD ) set up three young person outreach squad in Sai Kung, Tseung Kwan O, and Ma On Shan, which approach the non-engaged young person and supply instant support for them. [ 1 ] However, is these service provide adequate support them?

We may desire to cognize more about the state of affairs of non-engaged young person. Harmonizing to Hong Kong Christian Service in 2007, it release a study about non-engaged young person. It’s estimated that there have about 18 1000 adolescents are classs in non-engaged young person. Besides that, it estimated there are about nine 1000 adolescents are classs in perfectly non-engaged in Hong Kong. It make us have high concern about non-engaged young person. So, what is the research consequence which completed by bookmans? In the follow portion, here is some discuss harmonizing the research about non-engaged young person.

In 2007, there is a research paper which discuss about the non-engaged young person. In this research paper, it titled as: authorization or dispowerment? A reappraisal of young person preparation strategies for non-engaged immature people in Hong Kong ( Ngai S.S.Y & A ; Ngai, N.P. , 2006 ) .’ It written by two writers in the Chinese University in Hong Kong. It talk about 50 non-engaged people in Hong Kong accept different young person preparation strategies, including: Youth Pre-employment Training plan ( YPTP ) , Youth Work Experience and Training Scheme ( YWETS ) . In this research, it use focus group interview to recognize the position of authorities developing strategy by the child. Besides that, it examine the effectivity of young person developing strategy in Hong Kong.

In this research paper, the child say that the young person preparation strategy are useless and tiring. They want to hold a occupation alternatively of tiring preparation.

In sum-up of the research, the author Tell that the interviewee believed that it is non pleasant in their school life. They want to work alternatively of confronting deadening school. Besides that, for the sentiment of developing strategy, the interviewee feel that it is a deadening things. However, there are some statement about this sum-up of the research. Inadequate strategy, hapless quality occupations, and period of unemployment [ 2 ] , these keywords have some argue. The ground for this is that hapless quality occupations is depends on the personal subjective sentiment. In the research paper, most interviewee mentioned that they quit from school to happen a better occupation in the labor market.

In the treatment portion, authors raise some jobs, it related to society, the scheme of developing strategy, and labour market state of affairs. In the treatment portion of society, author believe that most of interviewee are bemoan for the deficit of on-job preparation. However, this statement have some argue. The ground for this is that on-job preparation seems that it is possible to supply for adolescents. However, here is a inquiry: is it possible to supply on-job preparation in this competitory labor market? Harmonizing to the web site of youth employment Training programme in Labour Department, it claim that: ‘To aid employers in enrolling new employees, fostering new drift and cut downing the cost of developing new recruits, and to supply on-the-job preparation to trainees for heightening their work accomplishments, experience and certificates to lighten up up their employment prospects.’ [ 3 ] It seems that it is sensible, nevertheless, there have some possible jobs. In this competitory labor market, employer think that it is non possible for them to supply on-job preparation. The ground for this is that the employer want to hold experienced employee, alternatively of new employee.

To response more accurate to the above research paper, Cardinal Policy Unit in Hong Kong Government have release a research paper which conduct the research by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The research is conducted on Mar, 2012. The consequence is released on 14ThursdayMay, 2012. It is a research which similar with the above academic research paper.

Comparison with the study released from Hong Kong Christian Service in 2007 and empowerment or dispowerment? A reappraisal of young person preparation strategies for non-engaged immature people in Hong Kong, it seems that the state of affairs of non-engaged young person is more serious than earlier. Harmonizing to the research paper released from Cardinal Policy Unit in Hong Kong Government, it mentioned that there are 58 thousand and three 1000 stripling are non-engaged young person. [ 4 ]

In this research, it have invited 52 adolescents to carry on the research. It is deserving to discourse the sentiment of fall ining calling preparation strategy. When it comes to speak about fall ining calling preparation strategy, most interviewee mentioned that it is useless for them to acquire experience in the preparation. It seems that supply calling preparation is non effectual to work out the unemployment job of non-engaged young person.

In decision, the solution of developing strategy for non-engaged young person is non effectual. There have treatment on it. In the recommendation of policy in the research paper of Cardinal Policy Unit, there have a important position. It mentioned that supply more outreach societal worker to supply the support for non-engaged young person. For this point of position, it is one of the constructive suggestion. The ground for this is that some of non-engaged young person may experience that there is non adequate support for them in the society, it lead to serious job of non-engaged young person in Hong Kong. Some of them are non satisfied their current state of affairs, and they want to acquire a secure occupation, to alter their state of affairs. At this minute, the support of societal worker is most of import.


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