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Could pollution lead to the “End of the World”? Many people do not care about the consequences of some of their actions such as not following the rules to prevent harm to the environment when they are over manufacturing or when people are wasting some products made by natural sources, for example plastic bags or paper. The three negative effects of pollution are the decrease in the quality of human life, animal extinction and damage to the natural environment. The first effect caused by pollution and the most errors is the decrease in the quality of human life.

Pollution is harmful for human life because it deteriorates the natural environment quality and a healthy natural environment is essential for the humanity. As an illustration, industry causes air pollution, converting fresh air into a lot of smoke and carbon monoxide which is poisoning for human life. Pollution can cause diseases such as breathing difficulties, cancer, skin allergies, etc. As a result, pollution can cut back human lifespan. As a second negative effect of pollution is animal extinction.

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Every year, a lot of aquatic animals die because of the water pollution. Some fish and crustaceans eat small particles of plastic dropped in the ocean and cannot digest this easily, so they feel full and stop to eat and die of starvation. For instance, other animals which live in the forest are killed by deforestation, when some people or industries are cutting down the trees at the same time they are taking away animals life and destroying animal’s habitat. The third effect of pollution is damage to the natural environment.

Natural environment provides life for the whole world by natural resources; a perfect habitat for animals, food, fresh air, potable water and beautiful landscape. Even though humans need natural resources to made products to subsist, they also need manage and take control of their consumption. Therefore, over manufacturing and irrational consumptions means a serious threat against to the nature laws by changing the course of he natural life, depleting natural sources and deteriorating the majestic natural scenarios.

In a few words, pollution can be deadly and harmful consequences for the world. Pollution is a huge problem that attacks not only human life, but also threats on animals’ life and destroys the natural environment. This kind of problem should concern to everyone in the earth. Everyone has to put their own grain of sand to take care and conserve their environment.

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