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The first of these would be that terrorist attacks are malicious in nature. That is to say that the purposes of these attacks are to damage, kill, or destroy. Terrorist attacks target specific objects, anything from a person to a political agenda. There is conscious thought behind these attacks and this serves to drive fear into people. People would fear that they may be the next target or be present near the target, therefore becoming a bystander. In general, there are no such conditions for terrorist attacks to occur. Many of the attacks are usually a surprise.

They could occur anywhere and at nearly anytime. This unknown factor is incredibly powerful for instituting fear. Due to this instilled fear, terrorist attacks can be successful without having been fully carried out. By contrast natural disasters simply exist with no intent. There is no thought, rational or irrational, to drive the specific type of disaster forward. They simply are caused by different situations, in the often uncontrollable ingredients of the environment. Natural disasters are often uncontrollable from the beginning or after a certain point in the cycle.

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There are specific situations that must be present for these disasters. So, while here is always a low level of surprise, they can usually be seen before they happen. This leaves less to the imagination, and less to fear. As stated before natural disasters have been happening for so long it’s very likely people have seen all there is to see. By I this mean that terrorist threats are always changing and always evolving. But natural disasters have not changed in the way they work. It’s very unlikely we will discover a new tornado, hurricane, or earthquake.

While still significantly more dangerous, natural disasters are know and thus less feared. It seems one would have a greater responsibility o protect themselves from a terrorist attack. Natural disasters are about preparedness and avoidance. Once you’re in a hurricane there’s very little you can do. The ideal situation would be to avoid it by evacuation. This is similar to terrorist threats, and you would want to be as prepared as possible. However, due to the changing nature of the attacks aims often unknown how to prepare.

Terrorist attacks should focus highly on prevention. Preventing the attack is the key to dealing with these attacks. And while techniques have been developed or discovered to help prevent certain natural disasters, nearly it is not possible. There is evidence Of this new shift towards fearing terrorist attacks in many things. One of which is blatantly obvious in the architectural design of our cities. According to a study done in June 2012, New Orleans stands at number three in the listing of the top five cities which are most vulnerable to hurricanes. Freedman, 2012) In an area that is frequently hit by hurricanes and that is five feet above sea level in the highest point, according to Google Earth, the roads are built on or in many of the waterways. In roughly a one hundred mile stretch of highway north of Lafayette, LA at the intersection of highways 49 & 1 0, to the intersection of highways 10 & 55 North of Lovelace, LA. There were twenty-six places in which water would flood the roads if it rose more than a few feet. This is extremely unsafe.

In the event of a flood from a hurricane, or any other source which raises the water level, everything would be underwater. That’s exactly what happened during Hurricane Strain. There is currently new works underway to continue building a better levee system, and other works are in order to assist with the impact another hurricane would have in this area. Although both natural and terrorist attacks have the potential to be extremely dangerous, it is clear many believe the latter to be more dangerous.

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