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It is incorrect to say that Sir Lankan is free from natural disasters like Cyclone, Tsunamis, Floods and Earth slides etc. History has its records. In December 1 964 tidal wave caused by cyclone which ripped through Northern part of Sir Lankan wiped out Admission in Earmarks Island from the map. A passenger train which left Earmarks Road station near about the midnight of 22nd was washed off by the storm surges sometimes later, nearly all passengers traveling in the train meeting water graves.

The Panama bridge connecting Mandate and Earmarks island was also washed away by the storm surges which could be 3-5 meters high. One time Sir Lankan and India were one piece of land. It is the tidal waves caused by earthquakes that formed the islands near Putnam ND also around Japan Peninsula. Now a question is paused whether the Sheds Samurai project for deepening the gulf Of Manner could generate tremors and tidal waves in the North Western part of the island.

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A visit to Magna Civil area near Pluralism temple in the Northeastern part of Japan Peninsula one could see sand dunes. It was caused by tidal waves. Even the five famous Siva temples (Seawards) namely, Trustworthiness’s, Cankerworm, Angleworms in the North, Menswear in the west and Thunderstorm near Tangle in the south were built before the birth of Christ to protect the island from natural disasters such as tidal waves, heckle. History also records that Japan peninsula was once called Malthusian, which means sand dunes.

During the rule of queen Kali, western coast underwent a surge from the sea. Kelvin River was named after her. She was an arrogant woman. It was the curse on her rule that caused the disaster by which the sea encroached in the Mutual and Kelvin area. It looks as if history is repeating itself. One of the characteristics of the tidal wave is that before it reaches the seashore, the sea recedes quickly. The marine life gets exposed. But suddenly the Tide comes up with tremendous force.

The Sir Lankan government was wasting its resources on war to maintain supremacy and suppress the minorities and instigating religious hatred. It should have focused building financial resources and a disaster plan to meet such disasters and protecting the people and infrastructure. The economy of the country which was limping due to war is now badly hit, mainly the tourist industry. It is now time for all communities in Sir Lankan , affected by this disaster to learn a lesson, give up violence, and build the country and live in peace. Many people view that when dharma fails nature steps in.

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