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The amount of money used to repair destroyed homes, businesses’, and shelter and feed people comes out costly. “According to the Ann al Disaster Statistical Review, in the year 2007 alone natural catastrophes cost the world at least $74,985. 26 million and affected over 21 5 people worldwide. ” (1) Help does not always arrive on time and sometimes not enough is given. The outcome after a disaster leaves many in panic and desperate, even more if they see that the Government is not doing anything or little about the situation, leaving many impatient and outraged.

After all it is the accessibility of the Government to get emergency aid for those that need it as quickly as possible. This causes many to rebel to get the Governments and media’s attention. Leading to the crime rate going up from victims trying to make a statement, and others trying to survive by getting by with anything they can get their hands on, even it means having to steal and hurt others to get it. In 2010 catastrophe struck in Haiti when they were hit by a 7. 0 M earthquake. Multi aftershocks followed the earthquake.

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And about three million people were affected, around 31 6,000 died, 300,000 were injured and shocking 1,000,000 were left homeless. The small country was left in ruins. Not able to support and help their people the United Nations lent a hand by pledging funds, dispatching rescue and medical teams, engineers and support personnel. Aside from that countries also donated food and sent out cooks to help feed those in need. Search teams were sent out to look through all the rubble and collapsed building for survivors. Atone point supplies and food had run out leaving many in need.

Despite all the help and money coming in it was not enough there was many who still were in need of assistance. This left many in desperation and led to crime escalating. Crime was already a big issue in Haiti, with no police and a good five thousand prisoners out due to the jail collapsing it only added on, Haiti was highly dangerous. “Some areas are worse than others, but there is a very real danger of violent crime everywhere in Haiti, and this includes but is not limited to assault, armed robbery, murder, kidnapping rape and any combination of the above. (2)

Those targeted the most were women and small children, due to the fact that they were some of the first helped with DOD and shelter. Scared for their lives and easily overpowered by men many women were victims of rape and abuse. Food vouchers were also stolen from them leaving them and their children hungry. Many resorted to stealing and rummaging through collapsed houses, stores, etc. To get their hands on clothing, equipment, products, food anything to accommodate to their needs. Not much could be done about these crimes, and the majority got away with it.

Just recently in 2011 a 9. MM tsunami hit Japan by the name of Took off the east coast. The numbers of incidents was not so drastic at a total of 5,870 deaths, 14 injured, and 2,814 people missing, 129,225 buildings totally collapsed, with 254,204 buildings ;half collapsed’, and another 691,766 buildings somewhat damage. It also caused a number of intoxication in the air from the nuclear accidents, primarily the level 7 meltdowns at three reactors and the associated evacuation zones which affected hundreds of thousands of those residing in Japan.

A handful of electrical generators were removed, and at least three nuclear reactors suffered explosions due to hydrogen gas. Making an estimation of how much it would cost to fix everything was set at SUCKS. 5 to 534. 6 billion. The Bank of Japan offered VI 5 trillion (IIS$183 billion) to the banking system The World Bank’s estimated economic cost was US$235 billion. This was the world’s most expensive natural disaster. A lot was done to help evacuate those who Were in dangerous places. But despite all the commotion going on, not much was said about crime.

Everyone though scared was pretty calm about everything. Only in one occasion when evacuating from a nearby nuclear plant that was set off did people start to panic. In Tokyo the crime’s committed in the 20-kilometer evacuation zone around Fuchsia Didactic nuclear plant in 201 1 doubled in comparison to the year before. There was numerous of the crimes, 355 cases, compared to 115 around the same time in 2010. The reason for the crime rate from the NAP was because they could not keep an eye on everything and everyone twenty four seven.

It is against the law to go anywhere near the nuclear plants there were around five hundred police officers roaming the area guarding and patrolling it. Not much was really done a couple of people were arrested and some crimes solved but not much was resolved, theft was the reason for 331 of the 355 crimes. There were reports made of thefts from one 169 homes, forty four offices and twenty eight convenience stores, and nineteen cases of cars being stolen in the nuclear zone. This was by far the smallest crimes ever committed during a natural disaster anywhere in the world.

Hurricane Strain by far has been one of the greatest world disasters. It struck on August 23rd, 2005 and was listed as a Category 5 hurricane. Much damage was made in New Orleans partly due to the fact that the levee’s broke because of the poor quality work done by the engineer. Not able to sustain any impact from the water bursting wrought in a matter of hours the city began to flood rising to high levels wiping out houses, cars, and people. This left many stranded inside houses, on rooftops, or anywhere they could find shelter.

There were so many people homeless and in starvation and even when they were put into the dome it was so overcrowded and packed down on the inside and outside that despite the Government trying to help it was not enough. Many were still left starving and it didn’t help that the heat was getting to them. Five days after the hurricane hit people immediately started looting from stores and trying to get heir hands on what they could. The crime rate during and after hurricane Strain raised drastically.

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