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In that area of trauma, research has indicated that conflicting results as characteristics and objective or subjective severity of stresses could influence the risk for developing post traumatic stress disorder ( Turtle et al. , 2004 p: 457). It is also been reported that the meaning attributed to a aromatic event is the product of a complex interaction based on the event it self, personal history, and future expectation, as well as biological factors, which combine to produce the stress effect as a whole (Arson et al. , 1992). In the mean time Chem. et al. , after the Chi-Chi earthquake, found that the age and educational level of the victims were also risk factors of post disaster psychiatric morbidity (Chem. et al. 007).

Also the psychological stress of reconstructing their lives and the lives Of their families as well as finding new jobs have been found to be greater for the middle aged subjects (Kate et al. 1996). There fore it can be said that, the degree of property destruction by the earthquake was significantly associated with the post traumatic stress disorders (Chem. et al. , 2007 It also has been found that the destruction of house and possession was significantly associated with the psychiatric disorders. Thus the destruction of house and possession could act as life threatening stresses, as losses, and as relocation stresses (Shoran et al. , 1996).

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Salon?LU et al stressed on the importance of planning long term psychological interventions in case of a major earthquake (Salacious et al. 2007 p: 127). Also, clinical trials demonstrated that post traumatic stress disorder and depression, among earthquake survivors, can be effectively treated with single session of modified behavioral treatment. This involves mainly self exposure instructions designed to enhance a sense of control of earthquake related fears (Baa$)?LU et al. , 2007). It is also believed that media, such as video cassettes, computer programmer and even television channels can be helpful means of treatment (Silica et al. , 2007).

It has also been stressed the importance Of the survivors support by the other researchers as well. Altering and Wang et al. Ported that higher post earthquake support may buffer the psychological consequences of extensive earthquake damage, although contrary findings have also been reported by Lei et al (2004). However the important issue here is whether educative programmer can reduce the fatalist point of view of earthquakes. Mass media comprise a key source of public information about disasters (Sorensen, 1983). Both television and printed media can play a serious role (Rattier, 1990). Educational programmer are also advocated to inform the public and encourage hazard preparation (Slavic et al. , 1982).

However it is important that these aerogramme achieve the goals they are designed to accomplish. Many public information programmer appear to assume that by presenting information on hazard risks and protective measures, the desired preparation will occur (Smith, 1993). Researches suggested that only well designed education programmer will obtain public support from hazard mitigation (Smith, 1993). Most importantly, a key element in any information programmer is the quality of the information and the way it is presented. Some programmer mainly imply that all that is required is to convey the risk, the wisdom of preventative measures is assumed to be self evident. This strategy fails to take into account citizen’s actual knowledge.

Where misjudgment of risk are greatest, people’s error can be traced to inadequate knowledge (Slavic et al. , 1982). Programmer require more appreciation of citizens’ knowledge (Bistros et al. , 1992). In conclusion, it is well-known how nature is extremely powerful. One can witness this power by observing the devastator effects Of some natural disasters. One of the most feared and also most destructive, is definitely the earthquake. Since earthquakes are well capable of destroying anything without being possible to any human to control it, people dread having to ever go through such experience. However, if one is unfortunate and witnesses an earths quake, it will without any doubt have psychological repercussions.

This essay showed that after earthquakes people can suffer from; sleeping disorders, developmental regression, hyper alertness, post traumatic stress disorder, phobic reactions, anxiety, and conduct disorders. Moreover it was also seen that the post traumatic symptoms vary with some factors such as age, gender, and cultural. Many researchers have stated the importance of past traumas association with post earthquakes shocks. The importance of therapy has been also mentioned. Since it might not be possible to help everyone at the same time, the media can help in some ways. Nevertheless, they must be careful. If they keep going on about how bad the earthquake was it will not be helpful at all. The best solution would prevention.

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