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Public remonstration, such as trains, and cars can become damaged and businesses can temporarily close, preventing many people with jobs from working. The government may spend a great deal Of money to reconstruct areas that were effected by natural disasters, and may deal with billions of dollars of economic losses. Effects on Mental Health ; The effects of a natural disaster can weigh a person into a lot of stress and psychological trauma. People who are susceptible to traumas from a natural disaster may become depressed and develop an anxiety disorder.

Among the many anxiety disorders that can be developed after a disaster is Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PETS), which can leave a person feeling traumatized years after the disaster. ; Sponsored Links ONLY for Self-development Improve your strengths and rock with latest mind-tools for success multiprogramming’s. Com/self-development Electrical Storms and Wildfires ; Wildfires can be brought on by electrical storms which can lead to the destruction of the natural habitat of animals. In addition to destroying habitat, food from burned plants can become scarce, and smoke inhalation can be hazardous to animals’ health.

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Wildfires can spread from forests to existential communities, potentially destroying the homes of people. Infectious Diseases ; people are vulnerable to infectious diseases, during or after a natural disaster. Dead animals may appear on the streets, and flooding sewage water can easily infect wounds. Mosquitoes breed in sewage water and can carry a number of deadly diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Such as malaria and West Nile virus. People who are in shelters are exposed to others who have been infected with a contagious virus, and can spread it to them from a close distance.

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