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These natural disasters bring people together to trying to pull together their society; making the people realize that they still need one another and are dependent on family and reined. All though most of these natural disasters we can see coming, others strike within an instant with no warning; killing innocent people and destroying homes. One example of these terrible natural disaster is; the tsunami that hit Sumatra, Indonesia on December 26, 2004. The tsunami Of Sumatra, Indonesia was a great one.

The tsunami was terrible and the earthquake that started it all was terrible in its great might, being one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded. The earthquake that caused the tsunami in Sumatra was at a magnitude of 9. 3. Originally thought to be 9. But further studies from, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, concluded that the earthquake was much larger than originally thought. The earthquake occurred at a depth of thirty kilometers. The fault line that this earthquake took place at was, thirteen hundred kilometers long.

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The abnormally large area of space that this earthquake took place, it displaced the earth a number of meters. The epicenter of the earthquake was located under the Indian Ocean near the west coast of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra; the great movement Of the tectonic plates displaced massive amounts of water, sending it in all erections and causing the ensuing tsunami afterwards. The plates that caused this massive disruption was the India Plate and the Burma Plate.

The India plate slide underneath the Burma Plate; this rupture displaced the ocean floor by about ten meters horizontally and several meters vertically. All of this tectonic movement contributed to another unsuspected and frightening natural disaster; a tsunami. After the earthquake did its damage so did the gigantic waves that hit thousands of hopeless towns. These gigantic waves then crashed into the unsuspecting towns and people. The waves hit over eleven Indian countries and parts of Africa and Thailand.

According to human memory, tsunamis have been rare in the Indian Ocean. Most are documented near or around the Pacific. Tsunamis can be so dangerous because out in the middle of the ocean they can show as little as a foot of wave displacement; which explains why sailors and boaters don’t notice them sooner. Soon this powerful energy travels rapidly through the ocean; hundreds of miles per hour. Once this energy hits shallow water it is slowed down, causing the top of the water to move faster Han the bottom of the water; resulting in massive dangerous waves.

This tsunami caused waves up to fifty feet tall in some places, continuing inland for about a thousand feet. In several places the tsunami gave some warning; the water levels of the ocean receded greatly. This amazed people, showing parts of the sea floor that have never been seen before; resulting in pictures and curious tourists and locals. The few people that did realize what the receding water meant quickly got their families to high ground and did everything they could to keep safe from the up and coming tsunami.

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