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Nation-building refers to the procedure of building or structuring a national individuality utilizing the power of the province. This procedure aims at the fusion of the people within the province so that it remains politically stable and feasible in the long tally. Nation-building can affect the usage of propaganda or major substructure development to further societal harmoniousness and economic growing. It involves the development of behaviours, values, linguistic communication, establishments and physical constructions that protect the present and see the hereafter individuality and independency of a state.

The state is a state considered as a group of people populating in a certain district under one Government. “Building” here means non masonry constructed, alternatively the development of the state, the hereafter of our state.

There is a great function of work forces in state edifice. In work forces, young person is the most energetic type. Youth play an of import function in state edifice. Young person is the spring of life. It is the age of find and dreams. They have the power to transform the state into a better topographic point. They besides have the ability to take their fellow citizens into the right way. Young persons are combatants. They fight for an individuality in society, equality, unemployment, development, poorness and other jobs which the universe faces today. They need good ethical motives and values to manage struggles in a positive manner. That’s why Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah ever considered them as a hereafter and insists them to work hard for the improvement of their state. Quaid-e-Azam ne’er talked about the wealth and belongings, he ever emphasized on instruction and mental consciousness of the immature coevals. Because instruction and consciousness of people can take the state to the highest degree of success.

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Work force should demo humanity in their behaviors and they should work hard. Social harmoniousness and integrity is really necessary for edifice of state. We should follow our faith because our spiritual history is filled with the illustrations of state edifice. We can see that how our Holy Prophet ( P.B.U.H ) reformed Arabs and made them a successful and civilised state. We should stay honest in our dealingss and workss despite of all agonies. Work force should keep their individualism.

As Russel Simmons said:

“Any sort of enduring success is rooted in honesty.”

Wealth is non needed to back up and construct a state. The necessary thing is bravery and integrity of people. As the old states such as ancient Greeks, the Persians, the Roman Empire and Pharaohs of Egypt are still really celebrated. Bravery and integrity were their singularity.

A nation’s strength
non gold but merely work forces can do
people great and strong.
Work forces who for truth and honor’s interest,
base fast and suffer long.
Brave work forces who work while other slumber
who dare while other fly
they build a nation’s pillars deep
and raise them to the sky.
( Ralph Weldo Emerson )


So wealth has no portion in edifice of a state. Merely work forces can raise their state to the highest degree of success by keeping their national individuality, individualism, societal harmoniousness, honestness, humanity, truth and difficult work.

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