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1. In this picture. we instantly learn of an haunted captain who wants retaliation. Why does he desire retaliation and against whom or what? The captain wants retaliation because he lost his leg to Moby Dick. 2. Who is the storyteller of Moby Dick and what is the first line of the novel? The first line of the novel is “Call me Ishmael” and the storyteller is Ishmael. 3. There are two important Biblical allusions mentioned in the movie. To whom make these allusions mention? How are the names important? The two important Biblical allusions are Captain Ahab which is the King Ahab in the Bible and the giant. which is a symbol of God or the Devil.

4. The storyteller states that Moby Dick symbolizes three different significances for three different characters. List the characters and the significance which Moby Dick symbolizes for each of them. Captain Ahab sees Moby Dick as the Satan. Starbuck sees Moby Dick as merely a fish and Ishmael accepts both of them. 5. Why did Melville take to compose about whaling? Why was the industry important? At that clip whale oil was really popular and it made the whale industry a hit. hence ; Melville wrote about giants. 6. What did Melville make when he was 21?

He set canvas towards the South Pacific. but after four old ages he returned and wrote about his visit with everyone on the island 7. What established author did Melville befriend while he was composing Moby Dick? While he wrote Moby Dick he befriended Nathaniel Hawthorne. 8. Remark on the four harpooneers of the Pequod ; politically. why were they important? The four harpooneers were of different races and represented different civilizations. 9. What happens to the Pequod towards the terminal of the book? Ahab? Ishmael? They were out at sea. and noticed that deep in the ocean a giant was giving birth. but that all of it was terrorized because of other whalers that set in. Ahab is killed and Ishmael is the lone subsister of Pequod. 10. What were the concluding old ages of Melville like?

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Melville’s concluding old ages were filled with personal calamities and failure.

1. Ahab. do you believe if you killed Moby Dick. your life would be better? 2. Ahab. do you desire retaliation because of the loss of your leg or because he took something more than your leg. like your pride? 3. Ahab. what would you hold done if the giant didn’t seize with teeth your leg? 4. Ahab. why don’t you every reference your married woman or boy? Is a giant more of import than them? 5. Ahab. how do experience about yourself cognizing that you let people decease for your compulsion with Moby Dick?

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