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My friend. Amanda. had been into the rave scene for some clip. and had talked about all the parties she had been to. I had seen a particular about raves on one of those deadening intelligence shows. but what was being said. made raves seem negative. when my friend made them sound positive. I needed to see for myself who was right. My friend had asked me if I would be interested in sing a rave with her. but warned me about a batch of the things that went on at the raves. With what small cognition I knew about raves. and what went on behind its closed doors. I decided to travel with her to a rave about a twelvemonth ago to see what really goes on. I did non cognize what I was acquiring myself into. I regret of all time holding such a idea as to see the rave scene. and I now know why I will ne’er desire to travel once more.

I walked into the crowded room and had a aghast initial reaction. There was about three 100 people there of all different races. ages. and sizes packed into a warehouse that looked like it had the infinite for merely about half of the sweaty organic structures that were at that place. It seemed as if they had been traveling to raves for old ages. Peoples looked so comfy with their environment and the people environing them. They did non hold one spoting bone in their organic structure. It was a different type of atmosphere inside the raves than from the outside walls.

Within the outside universe. I used to see all types of racism. whereas inside the four walls. it looked as if everybody was an equal. I noticed differences in behaviour between people at the rave and myself. They seemed as if they had a unworried attitude about themselves. I. on the other manus. was more standoffish and was really soundless. Amanda was seeking to acquire me to open up. but it was as if I felt I was being forced to be at that place. I was seeking to take in this new environment and see what it was all about. but it merely was non working out that manner.

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Codes of behavior at the rave seemed nonexistent. Peoples seemed to travel brainsick as if somehow the fluorescent visible radiations and loud music triggered something deep within their nucleuss. Without any regulations to follow. the crowds were encouraged to take part in whatever they found delighting. They danced. jumped around. bopped their caputs nonstop. and would run about aimlessly. My friend Amanda. was my beginning of information that dark. The lone thing she did. was stay at my side the whole dark. like a good friend would make. Some ravers considered intoxicant to be an old drug ; I ne’er saw one cup of intoxicant the whole dark which surprised me. sing it was an all dark dance party. And because of this absence of intoxicant. ravers looked for an alternate beginning of man-made energy. such as Ecstasy.

It stimulated their senses. which increased the effects of many things that would normally be seen as drilling to a sober individual. like myself. This included glow sticks. Ravers waved the sticks around. and watched what looked like a light show. It left an lighted way that could merely be genuinely appreciated by person on high a dosage of mind-altering substances. I even saw people have oning conciliators around their cervixs. Amanda told me it was because the drug gave the user the esthesis that they needed to hold something in their oral cavities to suck on. The conciliators seemed to be the easiest gettable object at the clip. Sing the crowd act like a clump of five twelvemonth olds at Disneyland watching a light parade. was one of the major grounds why I had no concern being at that rave.

The music created by the rave scene brought negative jobs for the community and increased the usage of illegal drugs. Many of the ravers who were on ecstasy loved the heavy round of the music. because it provided excess esthesis from the drug. The music was created on state-of-the-art equipment with an array of synthesists and rhythm machines. The annoying loud music was played at a loud changeless round. It did non incorporate lyrical or redeemable value. The most widely known name for this type of music is called “techno. ” It did non count what type of music the DJ played. every bit long as it was non the same annoyance round over and over once more. This is yet another cause why I did non belong ; I like my music to be rhythmical and have a significance behind it. and music where a individual does non hold to be high on a drug to bask it.

Due to the consequence that the drug has on the organic structure. it seemed as if Ecstasy and raves go manus in manus. like two peas in a cod. After the initial ingestion of the pill. my friend told me that it takes about 20 proceedingss to an hr to experience the effects which tend to last anyplace from three to six hours. She besides told me that after people take the pill. their skin becomes really animal to touch and the head feels a sense of pleasance. credence. and euphory. It seemed that it made it easier for people merely to travel up to aliens and merely get down dancing without modesty. The most common type of dance I noticed was really alien and animal-like. Peoples did non care who they were dancing with every bit long as they had a warm organic structure to press their organic structure up against. I could ne’er merely walk up to a perfect alien and get down dancing without experiencing wholly embarrassed. I had nil in common with the ravers at all.

After sing the rave that my friend Amanda took me excessively. my feelings toward the rave scene are negative. merely like the intelligence show said it would be. I do non hold the right head frame to hold even a second of merriment in that type of ambiance. Even after a twelvemonth has past. I still think that a rave is a waste of my clip. A rave is non the type of topographic point I would name merriment. I do non necessitate drugs to bask any facet of my life. If my friend Amanda is still traveling to go to raves. she is traveling to hold to happen another friend to travel with. because I ne’er want to tie in myself with that type of environment of all time once more.

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