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My Beliefs, Values, and Clinical Gestalt with Individual and System’s Paper The Human Services field requires education, a thorough evaluation of your values and beliefs, and ongoing reevaluation of your own issues and personal growth. It also requires honesty, dignity, ethics, and a willingness to help others. One of the most important requirements of being a human resource worker is to be aware of your own feelings and beliefs. You also have to be aware of how your body language, nonverbal and verbal cues and tone of voice are perceived by others.

To be an effective human service worker you must be able to set your own feelings and beliefs aside and focus on the client’s. Your focus is going to be on the clients’ values, feelings and goals. You also must be able to plan, implement, and evaluate interventions. You have to be aware of your limitations and to be able to recognize situations in which you may not be effective. The main purpose of human services is to assist the client in their process of self discovery and together deciding upon the best methods to go about changing the behaviors that are crippling them. (http://www. hscareers. om/careercenter/articles. asp? id=4) Preparation In exercise 1. 4, I attempted to identify my own personal value and beliefs. It is very hard to list such a personal thing on a piece of paper. It takes a great deal of thought and self-evaluation. I was raised in a very strict religious family. I was taught to never lie, steal, or mistreat another person. I took most of those values to heart and they are a big part of me today. I always knew that I was going to work in the human services field. As a small child I would bring injured animals home and take care of them until they were well enough to take care of themselves.

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My mother worked as a Nurse’s Aide at a local nursing home and I would go to work with her. I watched my mother as she cared for the elderly people there. She was always very compassionate and kind, and I wanted to be like her. At the age of 19, I became a nurse. I incorporated the personality traits that I had developed and I used them to care for my patients. There were times the patients required someone who was more qualified to help them, so I referred them to a physician or to another professional. In exercise 4. 3, I chronicled a list of clients from the easiest to the hardest hat I would find the most difficult to accept. My own personal experiences and deep self evaluation make the gay adolescent and this issue the easiest to accept. I was raised with the belief that it was a sin to be gay, but as I have grown as a person and I have learned to accept people as they are. It is not my place to judge. A man who made racist remarks came in second, because I have not personally had to deal with this situation. I believe we are all the same in the eyes of God. The third easiest situation for me to accept was the religious zealot.

I think this is due to my own background and it is not that hard for me to understand. The hardest for me to accept was the client who yells in every session when angry. My marriage to a physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive man makes it difficult for me to handle someone yelling at me. I know everyone is an individual and is raised in many different environments, so it may have been his life experience that in order to get his point across when he was angry he needed to yell. In order to rise above this situation I have to be aware of this and remember that this is not about me.

The second hardest situation for me to deal with was the man who was abusing his wife. Once again this is from my own personal experience. I have to take into consideration his cultural differences and his own experiences growing up. Even though this situation would be the hardest for me to deal with, I would welcome the chance to help him change his behavior. (Clinical Gestalt; “The Gestaltists were at odds with the popular school of psychology of the day, known as structuralism, whose proponents believed that the mind consists of units or elements and could be understood by mapping and studying them in combination.

The Gestalt psychologists believed that mental experience was dependent not on a simple combination of elements but on the organization and patterning of experience and of one’s perceptions. Thus, they held that behavior must be studied in all its complexity rather than separated into discrete components, and that perception, learning, and other cognitive functions should be seen as structured wholes. ” (Gestalt Psychology. ” Encyclopedia of Psychology. 2nd ed. Ed. Bonnie R. Strickland. Gale Cengage, 2001. eNotes. com. 2006. 7 Jul, 2008 <http://www. enotes. com/gale-psychology-encyclopedia/ gestalt-psychology>) Clinical Repose I am not a therapist, but as a nurse I am exposed to patient’s everyday. I have always had a very friendly and bubbly personality. I am very calm, caring, and considerate when I am taking care of my patients. It is not in my nature to deliberately hurt anyone. I am also very genuine. I truly care what happens to my patients and this comes across in my work. When I first started this degree program I was not sure what I wanted to do with it.

I just knew that I was intrigued by Clinician’s and the thought of being one. I still do not know what type of Clinician I want to be. I am drawn toward the counseling of victims of domestic violence so that is probably that area that I will choose. In that field I know that I will be exposed to clients that I will find it a challenge to empathize. I will deal with people with mental illnesses and even criminals. I believe thought that as I continue to learn and grow through this program that God will guide my decision.

I believe that I will be able to take my natural abilities, be aware of my own personal beliefs and values, and devote myself to helping my clients. (“1re•pose Pronunciation: r&’pOz, rE’p- Function: transitive verb Inflected Form: -ed/-ing/-s Etymology: Middle English reposen to replace, put back, irregular (influenced by such verbs as Middle English deposen to depose) from Latin reponere (perfect stem repos-) — more at REPOSIT 1 archaic : to put away or set down : DEPOSIT 2 : to place (as confidence or trust) : SET — usually used with in <repose full confidence in their leader — T. B.

Macaulay> <the complete trust reposed in him and his policies — Newsweek> 3 : to place for control, management, or use <reposes the judicial power in a supreme court — American Guide Series: Louisiana> (“1re•pose” Merriam-Webster’s Third New International Dictionary Unabridged http://www. mwu. eb. com. ezproxy. apollolibrary. com/mwu> [Accessed July 27, 2008]. ) Personal Growth I feel I am destined to help others who cannot help themselves. I can remember an incident with a patient of mine. I was the Director of Nurses at the nursing home where this incident occurred. It was right after reakfast and her call light came on. I went into the room and I asked her if I could help her. She stated to me, “I need to go to the bathroom, but you are the Director of Nurses, you don’t need to help me. ” I replied, “I am a nurse, it does not matter what my title is. I am here to help you. ” She gave me the biggest smile and I helped her to the bathroom and then back into her wheelchair. I know that there are many areas in which I need to improve in order to be a successful therapist. I will need to continue to grow as a person and become more aware of my shortcomings and how I come across to others.

Another area in which I need to improve is to pay more attention to details. As a nurse, I read fast and skim over the important parts, sometimes missing vital information. In order to be an effective clinician I will have to become very detail oriented. Conclusion Your awareness of your own personal beliefs, values, and experiences will lead you toward a successful career as a clinician. Your success will also require hard work, dedication, knowledge of the clinical role, and personal experiences. If you strive to do your very best, with honesty and sincerity, you will succeed in becoming successful at building good clinician relationships.

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