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Monkey is created by the writer as an single entity that resembles the feature of an ordinary homo being. It is rather obvious that the audience would break understand the thought hidden in the literature if the features of the supporter are closely related to those of the reader. In Monkey. the writer carefully parallels the traits of Monkey to the lives of human existences. Then why does the writer portray so much resemblance between Monkey and human? The author’s attack in pulling the audience by utilizing symbolism successfully accomplishes the purpose in the novel.

All worlds feel a demand. a hungriness for the things that benefit their manner of life. Monkey easy symbolizes many ordinary worlds in this universe. Monkey’s life represents a journey that reflects the lives of most human existences. From the beginning of the novel. Monkey expresses hunger that is overpowered by greed. Similar to human existences. Monkey first seeks cognition. so power. and eventually enlightenment. Monkey’s haughtiness brought by greed is displayed when he proclaims. “why do you non bow down to me as your male monarch? ” .

Monkey’s desire to get more than the evident bound is more apprehensible to the audience. because human existences are able to sympathize with this greed felt by Monkey. All people fight with human nature to change the natural phenomenon that occurs in life. In comparing. Monkey struggles to change nature by demanding immortality. Human existences battle to alter nature in order to accomplish higher position in society or personal satisfaction. Monkey seeks immortality to forestall nature from taking its class so that he may be able to govern his land everlastingly.

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Readers are able to better understand Monkey’s escapade to happen the impossible in life. Man looks for chances to spread out his potencies merely as Monkey strives to increase his powers. During the class of life. there are obstructions that hinder the way to geting the impossible powers. The forces of good and immorality goes up against each other throughout the novel. The tenseness between good and evil comes natural throughout the book merely as human existences experience adversity in mundane lives. Another similarity portrayed between Monkey’s universe and human civilisation are the values and the imposts they hold. Chinese moral.

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