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Comment on the micro and market environments of Pick n Pay and also comment on the macro environments that may affect the company in 2014. Pick n pay. Micro environment: The micro environment is the smallest of the three environments. This is the environment that is influenced by the market and the macro environments. Pick n pay can control their beliefs and visions in such a way that customers become used to the way they operate.

Some of their values include: honesty, integrity, freedom of speech, the best deals for their customers, a good revive for their customers, staff benefits and a chance for staff members to be promoted, reward and innovation and taking individual responsibility. Pick n Pay always promises their customers fresh vegetables and fruit and will go out of their way to make sure that this takes place, if a certain type of fruit or vegetable cannot be found in that season they will note the customers of this problem and apologies for the inconvenience. Pick n Pay is a company that cares for its people, we believe in relationships; you don’t come here coking for a job, but for a career. ” (Pick n Pay official website, 19 March 2014). This shoes how much of a family business Pick n pay is, it does this to create a “home” feeling where you can enjoy shopping. Pick n Pay’s goal is to make sure that people can look after themselves and fend for themselves at the same time as looking out for others and making sure that the community and the people around them are as well off as themselves.

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Pick n Pay wishes to enhance and develop their skills for the future and to continue making the lives of other people better. Market environment: The market environment surrounds the micro environment. There are many franchises of the company around South Africa and expanding northwards to other African countries. Pick n pay has an online shopping facility to bridge a gap between the customers and the actual store itself.

By using online shopping, customers who cannot get to the shop can now purchase items at the tip of their fingers, elderly people can shop for themselves and choose what they would prefer rather than getting a helper to do their grocery and loathes shopping and coming back home with items they don’t enjoy. Pick n Pay uses a term called “the four legs to the retail table” in making their business successful. These four legs consist of ‘administration,’ ‘merchandise,’ ‘advertising and social responsibility’ and the ‘people’.

With these four ‘legs’ the company is able to run without a lot Of complications. By advertising the company gets people to come from all over to check out their products, Pick n Pay has many advertising ideas such as making a bit of humor with the customers to put them in a good mood, for example: (Pick n Pay advertising images, 2014) These advertising ideas are clever, friendly and unique and it draws a customer’s attention.

Pick n Pay wants to be able to build a comfortable and understanding relationship with their customers, Pick n Pay supplies a cash back method to attract customers by using their Shampooer cards, this helps the employees to get a feel of peoples shopping habits and to help them with seeing when and where a promotion or sale is happening on a product they usually use.

By making a good relationship with the customers, Pick n Pay is doing well with their market environment. Pick n Pay is expanding across Africa and most recent, their company will open in AAAS Valley Centre and will occupy a large warehouse, as well as this there will be more parking available. Macro environment facing Pick n Pay in 2014: There is a hugely decreasing amount of ocean fish on the market which is threatening the sea food department in Pick n pay.

The Vans’s response to the deepening crisis was to seek out key retailer partners with whom to tragically work through the chain of custody, at one end informing consumers about the threat to our marine ecosystems to influence demand, while at the other engaging with the fishing industry around responsible harvesting (Pick n Pay official website, 2014). We as a community can help out this sea food crisis by supporting positive decisions made when regarding the conservation of fisheries.

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