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A Menace to the World With every tick of the clock, changes of all sorts take place in all the corners of the world. They happen almost simultaneously with split second apart from each other. Looking back, is this still the very same planet on which are ancestors set their feet? Has man abused nature so much that the face of the earth has totally changed? In the course of our progress, humanity, as a whole, gradually forgets the responsibility of protecting mother planet from the abusive manipulation and exploitation of man.

With al the scientific discoveries, advanced technologies, and high-tech innovations, man oftentimes creates the very same instruments that curtail the life he treasures most. One culprit is pollution. History has recorded the details of its various effects to man, to other living creatures, and to the world. Pollution is the contamination Of the environment by hazardous substances that can destroy the air man breathes, the water he drinks, and the land that provides his daily sustenance. Air pollution can be in the form of carbon monoxide which is emitted by smoke-belching vehicles, by pollutant actors wastes.

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It is also caused by open fires which give off chemicals and smoke by the burning of plastic wastes. Atmospheric nuclear test has also contributed its part in the pollution. Another potentially serious pollutant with its long term effects is carbon dioxide, large amount of which are discharged into the atmosphere by the burning of the fossil fuels. A continuous increase in the atmospheric carbon dioxide level is producing the so called “green house” effect, which is increasing the average global temperature and may go on to cause catastrophic ICC climatic changes.

There are more to consider, such as the pesticides that destroys wild life and disturb the natural food chain; the use of spray nets, and other aerosols that contain chlorofluorocarbons (CIFS) which is the very substance that thins the ozone layer that protects us from the ultra violet rays of the sun. One must know that over-exposure to ILLS of the sun may cause skin cancer, leukemia, dermatitis, and cataracts. If these atmospheric destruction remain unabated, a hole in the ozone layer may develop over the Northern Hemisphere affecting Northern European countries.

Should these happen, man will find himself helpless and will even face the danger of extinction. Water is not exempted from the pollution brought about by most unconcerned individuals. Water pollution maybe in form of mercury wastes such as that in Inanimate Bay, Japan in the mid-1 ass’s that gave rise to Inanimate disease (acquired through eating mercury-contaminated fish); of oil tanker spillage that kill sea life; of the human excreta and garbage destined to rivers and lakes; of non-biodegradable materials scattered around, Often clogging waterways; of the chemical wastes thrown to bodies Of eater for innocent fishes to inevitably feed on.

Land pollution results from improper waste disposal that often becomes conductive breeding grounds for insects and microorganisms to thrive, making people susceptible to diseases. Flies that often breed on these garbage often acquire causative agents that contaminate the food, causing diarrhea to children of low resistance. These insect-infested places may also be a thriving ground for malaria-struck mosquitoes that cause endemic incidence of malaria diseases. In order to save the planet, man must face he challenges of changing his lifestyle.

He must make a definite stand regarding pollution. There should be laws that will protect the environment. This must be coupled with their proper implementation and strict observance. As this is a global concern, all countries must work hand in hand to improve and preserve. In line with this, there must also be an adequate in formation drive with regard to the lethal effects of pollution. Man must bear in mind that he is God’s co-creator. He must take the initiative not only to save his life, but the whole humanity as well.

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