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The honesty of climate research has been compromised by financial, ideological and political interests. “Scientists assert that scientists seeking a research subsidy award have a much more likely chance of successfully obtaining funding, if the subsidy is linked to global warming research, because global warming is now one of the best funded areas of science. ” (Gumboot) Moreover, vested rights have a bigger power on the supporters of arguments supporting the occurrence of man-made global warming since hundreds of thousands of jobs in media, science, and government have been created and are grants as a result.

Besides, according to the scientists’ statement, “some proponents of the finding that global warming is man-made do, because it supports their emotional and ideological beliefs against capitalism, economical development, globalization, industrialization, and the United States. ” (Gumboot) There are a number of contradictions and inconsistencies in the evidence used to support mad- made global warming. Firstly, climate scientists explain that man-made CO emissions alone cannot be causing global warming. Instead global warming is due to a natural phenomenon.

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Volcanoes produce more CO every year than unmans, plants and animals make about 150 agitation of CO each year and dying vegetation produce even more CO However, human activity makes an only 6. 5 of agitation of CO each year. Secondly, ‘ ‘The researchers argue that due to the very large mass of the world’s oceans, it takes hundreds of years for global temperature changes to register in oceanic mass, which is why analysis of the Boston Station and other ice cores shows that changes in the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide follow changes in global temperature by 800 years. (Groundwork) After the Second World, consumer goods like firefighters and washing machines and TV’s and cars began to be mass- produced for an international market. Historians call this global explosion of industrial activity the “post-war economic boom”. Since the mid 19th century, the Earth’s temperature has risen by just half a degree Celsius, but this warming began long before cars and planes were even invented and most of the increase in temperature occurred before 1 940, during the period when industrial production was relatively insignificant.

After the Second World War, during the post-war economic boom, temperature should have shot up, but it id not; they fell; not for one or two years, but for four decades. In other words, the facts did not fit the theory. That is, the increase in consumption did not have a significant effect on global warming. Interestingly, for many hundreds of years, the astronomers used to count the number of sunspots in the belief that more spots heralded warmer weather. In 1893, the British astronomer Edward Maunder observed that during the Little Ice Age there were barely any spots visible on the sun.

A period of solar inactivity which became known as the Maunder Minimum. “(The Maunder Minimum, also now as the “prolonged sunspot minimum,” is the name used for the period starting in about 1645 and continuing to about 171 5, when sunspots became exceedingly rare, as noted by solar observers Of the time. )” (Wisped) In 1991, senior scientists of the Danish Meteorological Institute, decide to compile a record or sunspots in the 20th century and compared it with the temperature record. It was incredibly close correlation between sun activity and change in temperature on Earth.

In the early 20th century, scientists discovered that the Sun also affects indirectly through clouds. Clouds have a rueful cooling effect, they can reflect sunlight. It means that the climate is controlled by the clouds. The clouds are controlled by cosmetic rays “(cosmetic rays are very high-energy particles, mainly originating outside the solar system. )” (Wisped) and the cosmetic rays are controlled by the Sun. Scientists found that when cosmetic rays went up, the temperature went down; when cosmetic rays went down, the temperature went up.

Clouds and the Earth’s climate were closely linked. Moreover, there is a very strong evidence to deny global warming, according to the Anna’s current research,” bout a million more square miles of ocean are covered in ice in 201 3 than in 201 2, a whopping 60 percent increase and a dramatic deviation from predictions if an Ice-Free Arctic in 2013″ (Fox News) To summarize the above, the whole global warming business has become like a religion and people who disagree are called heretics.

As a result, people have become like a fanatic believer and most people have view that global warming is going to bring about apocalyptic outcomes. However, there are many evidences to deny the global warming and people must not believe global warming. The main reason is that the governments usually use global warming as a political issue that works to their advantage. For example, they can collect more revenues through taxation Of gasoline.

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