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Nigeria, like many developing nations, is strongly predisposed to suffer the negative impacts of climate change due to its fragile economy, weak resilience and low adaptive capacity. Nigeria would enact appropriate policy, legal and institutional frameworks, mainstreaming climate change into development planning and processes, and ensuring adequate financing and funding of adaptation initiatives.

The country’s negotiation efforts with the developed nations should result in the following: ; Establishment of a more streamlined, innovative and transparent accesses to adaptation funds, taking into account the capacity ; peculiarities of developing nations to access them. ; Specific agreement for additional contributions by developed countries towards new bilateral and multilateral funds to enhance international investment and financial flows to developing countries for economic diversification.

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A four stage approach for mainstreaming adaptation into development, advocated by Hug and Areas (2008), includes (I) awareness raising; (ii) targeted information; (iii) piloted activities and (iv) a shift from ‘business as usual’ to investments and planning that incorporate climate change information. In addition, the county may consider setting up a technical committee Of experts to support the Special Climate Change Unit (Insignia’s focal point for negotiations) to have a critical look at the negotiation.

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