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Air pollution results mainly from industrial processes and motor vehicle missions. Buildings, crop fields, natural landscapes and people’s health are all affected by the air waste. The six criteria pollutants, which are carbon monoxide, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone, that are the common indicators to examine the level of air condition. One of the most important problems is the acid rain that formed by the emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides can damage the ecosystems of lakes, farms, and forests.

Its hard to control because the adverse consequences, so regulation like Clean Air Act has set bunch of standards to restrict the mission of acid rain. Water pollution can hardly be diluted and carried away because the waterways. Organic wastes, chemical industrial processes and the disposal of non-biodegradable products can heavily pollute water and then decreasing crop yields, people’s health and quality of life. The Clean Water Act has imposed to restore the integrity of all surface water in the United State by regulating industrial emission and set requirements for most point source of pollution.

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And Safe Drinking Water Act sets minimum standards for public water system and aquifers. Land pollution including both solid and hazardous waste, though land is a kind of renewable resources but chemical and toxic waste for commercial use can still harm the land badly. So government and regulations require that all hazardous waste must be treated properly before disposal in landfills. Major U. S. Laws have even established a fund named Superfine was presumed to have created a disproportionate share of toxic waste by taxing.

Instead of setting laws government has also using varieties of policies. The first one is environment standards that government requires business firm to amply with standards and control their choice of technology. The use of market-based mechanisms is based on that market is a better control than extensive specified standards. The first type of processes called “cap-and- trade” means established emission level as “caps” and permitted companies with emission below the cap to sell as “trade” their rights to the remaining permissible amount to firm.

The second is establishment Of emissions charges, by implementing “the more you pollute, the more you pay”, charging green taxes from companies that vary from the degree they pollute. Government also requires company to disclosure their information about the processing of their product to regulate pollution. Though it’s costly to regulate the environment pollution, environmental regulations can also stimulate some sectors of economy, like the environmental services and products industry.

The three stages of corporate environmental responsibility are also important, which includes pollution prevention, by minimizing the waste before it is created, product stewardship and clean technology that develop innovation to support sustainability. Ecologically sustainable organization is a business that operating in a sustainable way that encourages other business also get involved in. For environmental management it is important to have a commitment of sustainability.

By having line managers involve in and set codes of environmental conduct to reach firm’s environment goals, then build a cross- functional team to solve environment problems, at last, having rewards and incentives to get more involvement. Setting environment management as a competitive advantage among Other business would bring much profit and benefit to the company. With the consideration of cost savings and different in product of each companies, it is racial company to come up with its own technology and strategic planning for a sustainable development. Questions: 1 .

What is your company’s goal for environmental management? Have you established any corporate environmental responsibility? 2. What do you think the environmental influences that your business has? Is there any waste you produced that harm the environment? How do you deal with the waste? Chapter 13 Managing Technology and Innovation Since there is private information exists in doing business there must be potential breaches of the privacy. Most of the businesses have encountered reach many times, so it is important for employees that have access to new technologies at work and companies should have monitoring the usage.

Also, companies should make their employees concern about their private information. With the improvement of technology, we can prevent breach for secret information, but at the same time the possibility for privacy violations may also increase. There are different kinds of privacy protection act made to protect information outflows, but it’s still difficult for controlling the privacy among international governments. Internet is such a big potential risk that roving a tool for hackers to break into companies or government computer system internationally.

O business should raise the awareness Of maintain the security of their own information, though it might cost millions of dollars to building a system that prevent hackers. Honesty is a very useful system that has been widely used by security professionals to lure hackers to track their business movements that are operating on the computer. What’s more, the Federal Trade Commission also providing five key principles for companies to protect their personal information, which are take tock, scale sown, lock it, pitch it and plan ahead.

Also, establishing a position of Chief Information Officer in the company to have an overall control of the private information that the company has, encouraging the incentives of innovations and new technologies apply to the operation of the company. For example, the Internet Pornography is one of the most active and lucrative areas of e-commerce that have severe impact on personal emails worldwide. Intellectual property is also another area that needs to be protected due to the ownership of one’s idea or work.

Copyright, patent and trademark laws re all intended to protected these people and knowledge. Nanotechnology, human genome, Biotechnology and cloning are all new areas of technologies innovations that can be further benefit people’s life. So it has become more and more important to address the protection of the privacy and advocate more innovations for the companies. 1 . For your company, how do you protect your customers’ private information? Have your company experiencing any breach before? 2. How do you encourage the new technology or innovation development to make a better service to your customer?

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