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Colony and Pits is a pharmaceutical company that is located in California. Colony and Pits are planning to set up a manufacturing plant near the Abrades mountain range in the eastern highlands of Kenya. Their main purpose is to use this facility to manufacture medications for prostate cancer. Located in the Abrades Mountain is a native tribe called The Kikuyu. After much research and extensive surveying of the area, it was determined that a type of evergreen tree known as “begum” or prunes African, is used by the ribs people to cure what they refer to as “old men’s disease”.

We would commonly know this as protestations and genitourinary disorders. “The species has been over-exploited and is becoming rare in most areas” (Ongoing, 2006). After putting together a plan of what they want to accomplish, Colony and Pits have budgeted $250,000 to start developmental activities in the region. However, they estimate that the amount of money that can be made by selling the prunes African over the counter, will estimate about 220 million dollars a year.

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I would like to believe that the major stakeholder n this situation would be the Kikuyu Trivet, the ICEBERG (International Center for Ethan Botanical Research) and Casey Quainter from CEO Smiles. Colony and Pits are geared to make an estimated 220 million dollars plus per year once the production of the prunes African, is to commence. However, despite the large profit they are to make, they are only willing to give $250,000 back to The Kikuyu tribe, for the developmental activities in the area. This to me seems a bit unfair and unreasonable considering what they are gaining vs.. What they are taking from the tribe and their land.

Colony and Pits are more unconcerned with padding their pockets, rather than look out for the Kikuyu tribe, and how these events will affect them and the surrounding environment over the years to follow. To top it off this payment of $250,000 is only to be a onetime deal. The root of the deal; Environmental Justice. Just like most big corporations, Colony and Pits are more concerned with themselves It is believed the organization is like most other big corporations which only concern themselves with how to not break any criminal laws, how to avoid civil litigation and how to avoid any action that could put the company in a active light.

The greatest damage done to the environment is inflicted by business and industry and not from domestic activities” (Fishes, 2008). These factors mentioned above are usually at the fore front of company concerns, as they are the most likely to cause the company money and leave the company with a bad name. It’s extremely commendable, that while Colony and Pits are providing treatment to the 60% of males in Europe that are suffering from protestations and genitourinary disorders, the question to ask is what is the cost to the environment and the Kikuyu Tribe?

It is without a bout that The Kikuyu tribe is the major shareholder in this situation. Not only does the tribe use this tree for medicinal purposes, but it also provides building materials for their huts. The destruction of these trees in an abundance that may not be needed, suggests that it could disturb the natural habitat of the tribe. One suggestion made by Colony and Pits is to move the tribe to a nearby mountain range. My question here would be, has anyone asked the Kikuyu people if they want to relocate their lives and homes or is this some big company coming in and making decisions for these people, sugarless of their feelings?

There are a few other deals that Colony and Pits are proposing in order to gain some leeway from the tribe people. Some of their ideas are that the government should give a full time doctor and medical facility to the disposal of the tribe, also to provide them work within the plant and a paycheck every week. Another option is to lay down roads that connect the region to the mainland and then provide permanent housing for all members of the tribe.

Unfortunately, many African governments are known for being unfair and uncivilized, and even corrupt, so how are we to know that hey Kikuyu tribe would ever see any of the money or other benefits they are being offered? What is to say they don’t keep the money for themselves and give away the housing and medical to other civilians in the country and not the tribe people? Many people are lead to wonder if the tribal leaders are fully aware of the ramifications tied to the plans that Colony and Pits are offering them. For thousands of years this tribe has thrived in this land, without the need for money, doctor training, permanent housing.

One thing is perfectly career with regards to the Kikuyu and its people, they have been surviving thou the modern technology in medicine, without machine driven construction of their homes and without farm hands and tractors to grow their food. They have been surviving strong with the same skills that started with their people hundreds of years ago. So at the end of the day, one may not believe that the Kikuyu tribe will suffer the most from environmental justice at the hands of Colony and Pits if the proposed deal is not made to better accommodate the Kikuyu tribe and give them the right to just say no to the government.

The International Center for Ethan Botanical Research ICEBERG) is a stakeholder in this situation however, I believe they are on the side of the Kikuyu tribe and the ecosystem. ICIER is a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental renewal, environmental research, and tribal community development. The view of the ICIER leans towards the obscenities view of humanity, plants and animals and they believe everything should co- exist in the world. ICIER is working hard to protect the endangered plant and animal species in the forest of Kenya and protect the tribes living there as well.

The ICIER is genuinely attempting to aid the Kikuyu tribe and the region u to the ethical beliefs and not for any monetary gain or in hopes to be paid out in any other form. Another stakeholder in the Kikuyu tribe situation would be CEO Smiles; they seem to be sided with the Kikuyu tribe. CEO Smiles is an organization devoted to the conservation and protection of the local ecosystems in the forest of Kenya. CEO Smiles stands on the belief that if Colony and Pits were to harvest the trees in the Abrades Mountains, then they should also put in place a form of sustainable harvesting and also keep tabs on the poaching in the area.

In the end, strongly believe that the Kikuyu tribe will definitely be the ones to suffer most from environmental injustice caused by the offer that Colony and Pits are putting on the table. I don’t believe that the government should have any say, if so it should be very limited, as to whether an outside company can come in and take away the land and life of a tribe that has been settled for so many years, just for a possibility to enhance the medical world. Not to mention damage and destroy an environment that has been around for centuries, with no intentions of outing it back the way it was, because as We all know, rebuilding takes time.

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