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From this context, it is evident, that the function aim of ain system of instruction ought to be to fix our wining coevalss for the successful fulfilments of that responsibilities of vicegerency in this universe.

Given this background, the importance of cognition and instruction in Islam can non be over-emphasized ; hence my involvement in this field.In this thesis, my chief focal point is on Imam Ghazali, s doctrine of instruction, In order to measure the value of Imam Ghazali, s doctrine of instruction, It seems imperative to analyze in brief the Quranic guideline for the attainment of cognition and instruction. This will function as our standard in the visible radiation of which we will measure Imam Ghazali, s doctrine of instruction. Of class, the ultimate aim of this whole exercising is to see as to how far we can pull any counsel from these beginnings in the procedure of the Reconstruction of our ain system of instruction.It may be recalled that there is an internal and external force per unit area on our province and society to secularize our system of instruction.One of the cardinal subjects of our thesis would be to measure as to what type of instruction would accommodate our national demands ; that is how far we can go from our socio-cultural norms and valuesIslam is an Arabic word which literally means obeisance and peace. ISLAM is derived from the Arabic root “ SALEMA ” : peace, pureness, entry and obeisance. So ‘Islam ‘ agencies entire entry to God.

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Harmonizing to Oxford English Dictionary Islam is the faith of the Muslims, a monotheistic religion regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the prophesier of Allah.Knowledge ( ‘ilm ) occupies a important place within Islam.The first word of the first disclosure of the Quran was “ Iqra ” READ! Seek cognition! Educate yourselves! Be educated. Iqra besides implies Teach others, educate them ( and transform them ) .Islam is the faith of cognition. Islam and instruction are inter connected. The importance of instruction has been described at many topographic points in the Holy Quran.

The first aayah of the Quran is about instruction

“ Read! In the Name of your Lord Who has created ( all that exists ) .

He has created adult male from a coagulum ( a piece of midst coagulated blood ) .

Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous.

Who has taught ( the authorship ) by the pen.

He has taught adult male that which he knew non ”

[ al-‘Alaq 96:1-5 ]

Man is the superior animal of God because He has given him the high capableness of apprehension. He provided them the tools to understand the cognition

“ And Allah has brought you out from the uterus of your female parents while you

cognize nil. And He gave you hearing, sight, and Black Marias that you might give

thanks ( to Allah )

[ al-Nahl 16:78 ]

Knowledge is so much of import in Islam that Allah ( SWT ) commanded The prophesier Muhammad to seek more of it. Allah says:

“ and state: ‘My Lord! Increase me in cognition ”

[ Ta-Ha 20:114 ]

Knowledge is the great gift of Allah to the human existences

The Holy Qur’an says: “ Whoever is given wisdom and cognition is blessed with premiums in good copiousness ” .

( Surah al-Baqarah, 2:272 )

The Holy Qu’ran says: “ Those who are belivers among you and the learned, God will increase their rank ” ..

( Surah al-Mujadilah, 58:11 )

The prophesier ( pbuh ) has stressed upon the significance of cognition and its importance in the life of the human existences

“ Learned are the inheritors of the Prophetss ”

He said:

“ Whatever is in the Eden and the Earth, seeks forgiveness for the learned ”

“ If a adult male seeks the way of geting cognition, God guides him to a way taking to paradise ”

Imam Ghazali ‘s Doctrine of Education

Al-Ghazali is one of the greatest Muslim Jurists, theologists and a mysterious.Imam Al Ghazali has a alone place in the history of Muslim spiritual and philosophical idea. His part in the field of cognition is really significant.He is one of the most influential bookman in the history of Islam.

He has been acclaimed as the Proof of Islam ( hujjat al-Islam ) , the Ornament of Faith ( zain al-din ) and the Renewer of Religion ( mujaddid ) .The chief subject of the educational doctrine of the Imam Ghazali is the construct of God and God with the universe and the world.The true cognition harmonizing to imam Ghazali is the Knowledge of God.

The true erudite adult male is one who comes near to one ‘s Godhead and who is busy in seeking the felicity of God. Harmonizing to Imam Ghazali cognition is to derive felicity in the afterlife and closeness to God.

“ Knowledge is the root of good luck in this universe and in the following. The consequence of cognition is to bask closeness of God, to maintain company with the angels and the pious Godheads which are objects of the following universe and its consequence in this universe is honour, influence over swayer and the people. ”

Ghazali called it the felicity of the following universe:

“ Knowledge is cherished for its ain interest, because with its aid the felicity of the following word and Divine vision can be gained ” .

Kinds of Knowledge

Imam Ghazali identifies the difference between the revealed and the acquisitional cognition:

“ Knowledge is of two sorts – cognition of practical faith and cognition of religious affairs ”

Imam Ghazali categorises the larning about the responsibilities:Those which are connected to the faith.

The spiritual acquisition are those which come from the Holy prophesier and an absolute conformity from adult male is expected.Those which are non so connected to the faith, these are mathematics, medical specialty etc.The first 1 is called Farz-e-Ain and the other is called Farz-e-kafaya or binding.Imam Ghazali classifies the scientific disciplines into three classs:

Praise worthy Sciences:

“ The scientific disciplines which are good up to the terminal is the scientific discipline of cognizing God, His properties and His plants, His Torahs set uping this universe and the afterlife.

This is the scientific discipline which is sought for its ain properties and by which the approval of the afterlife is gained ” .

Blame worthy Sciences:

“ The acquisition which are blasted worthy are sorcery, talismanic scientific disciplines, juggle, chancing and the similar ”

Permissible Cognition:

“ The acquisition which are allowable are poesy, History, geographics, biological science etc ” .


The underling intent of this survey is to analyse the function of Imam Ghazli and his doctrine of instruction for the waking up of the Muslims to recognize the importance of the true cognition and its significance in the life of human existences. The survey will besides demo as to how far Imam Ghazali develops his doctrine of instruction in consonant rhyme with the instructions of the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophesier. Attempt will besides be made to measure as to how far this doctrine can assist to better our present twenty-four hours system of instruction.


To do the pupils realize the true significance of cognition.To do the pupils aware about the chief intent behind geting Knowledge in the visible radiation of Quranic counsel.

To measure the purposes and aims of Imam Ghazali ‘s Doctrine of instruction.To cognize and understand his doctrine in the Islamic position.To do the pupils and instructors realize that Islamic instruction along with the modern instruction can take us to better kid ‘s societal moral and ethical development.To alter our present twenty-four hours instruction system which may suit modern developments in cognition along with the instructions of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Our chief push ought to be: Be a scientist ; but in the thick of all your scientific disciplines be still a adult male.In fact, in Islam there is no tenseness between scientific discipline and faith.

Science, for case, attempts to understand nature that surrounds us, and it is expected that adult male will “ Find ” God in and through his survey of nature – a great manifestation of God.Religion, on the other manus, is a moral and religious counsel of God to adult male with the aid of which he can prosecute himself in the conquering of his ain nature. In the ultimate tally, all cognition is supposed to get married us to God and through God we are supposed to cognize and understand other things that are HIS creative activities. So there is no tenseness between scientific discipline and faith. Science helps us in the conquering of human nature while faith helps us in the conquering of human nature.


Since the research survey is exploratory so the information will be collected from secondary beginnings. For this intent the chief focal point will be to analyze the original text.

EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY OF THE HOLY QURAN by Dr.Mahar Abdul Haq will steer us about The Quran and the Islamic tradition ‘s ( Sunnah ) accent on cognition. Imam Ghazali ‘s IHYA ULUM-ID-DIN will assist us to cognize about Imam Ghazali ‘s educational part.

Different books will be selected about Imam Ghazali and his Educational doctrine and informations will be collected largely from these. The intent of this would be to pull out his doctrine of instruction from these books/worksAttempt will be made to see as to whether or non we can pull any guideline for the betterment of our current system of instruction.


The research thesis will be organized into five chapters which are briefly given below.Chapter 1: Chapter one will cover with the debut of the research thesis, and will foreground its background and significance.Chapter 2: This chapter will offer a reappraisal of related Literature. Literature about the Quranic counsel towards instruction will be emphisized, In the visible radiation of which we will measure Imam Ghazali ‘s partsChapter 3: Chapter Three would foreground the methodological analysis of this survey.

Chapter 4: Here an effort will be made to foreground the significance of cognition in the visible radiation of Quran.Chapter 5: This chapter will cover Imam Ghazali ‘s work as an educationalist.Chapter 6: An effort will be made to measure the Quranic counsel for cognition and Imam Ghazali ‘s doctrine of instruction. Finally we would besides analyze its relevancy to our ain clip and its application to the modern-day issues.


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