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There are many things the 3 faiths have in common as good. Like, for illustration, all of them being monotheistic faiths, or believing in one God. Daily supplication is another thing the 3 religions pattern separately. Although Christians are less formal with their supplications than the other two, they all have precise and repeated traditions dating back to the clip when each faith started. There are really so really many traits the 3 faiths portion. Another thing being yearss of worship. In my sentiment, after the onslaughts of 9/11 the American citizens have become much more cognizant and critical of Muslim spiritual imposts. Even though Friday is the twenty-four hours of hebdomadal worship for Muslims, Saturday is the Sabbath ( observation ) twenty-four hours for Judaic people all around the Earth. And most Christians celebrate Sabbath on Sunday. But the important point made is that all 3 religions observe a hebdomadal twenty-four hours set aside for spiritual imposts and supplication. Yet another commonalty the 3 faiths portion is fasting. The season of Lent is the drawn-out period of 40 yearss of Christian ego denial. Judaic people pattern a really rigorous, entire fast on Yom Kippur ; more modern Jews are less rigorous on this usage. The Jews continue with this usage for rapprochement and for cleansing from personal wickednesss and misbehaviors. And Muslims, as most educated people know, fast during the month of Ramadan. Which is based on lunar computations and is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Jerusalem and the Holy Land is besides sacred to all three spiritual groups. Muslims believe the Dome of the Rock is where the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven from in Jerusalem. This same site is besides sacred to Judaic people, who have their ain connexion with the temple and such. And the Christians believe that Jesus himself came and dwelt on the Earth and spent most of his life in the Holy Land. Battles and differences over topographic points such as these, particularly the Holy land have most likely caused the most hateful feelings, sharpest divisions, and the most violent of actions among Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Most people will acquire really het if anyone objects to their spiritual beliefs. Possibly an grasp of each groups respect for the same or adjacent religious and spiritual countries could finally interrupt down and fade out the hate and lead to peace. Some other things that the 3 faiths portion is that they are all people of the book, they all believe in Prophet Abraham ( Ibrahim ) , and they all believe in different versions of Jesus and Mary. But yet all these commonalties and we still remain divided. But it would be imprecise, incorrect and naif non to acknowledge that true differences do in face exist and interrupt up apart. Old ages and decennaries and centuries of struggle have produced intense resentment, hatred, and misgiving. Yet, despite these bold divisions if we know, trust, and understand each other better, so it would be much easier for us to love and compassion to one another more. Religion could so be a footing for integrity, since there are already so many commonalties and things to chew over about. And we could all coexist as people of different faiths all esteeming one another & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s beliefs.

If these 3 religions and groups of people could merely happen a manner to listen to each other and respect one another & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s spiritual beliefs so possibly one twenty-four hours in the close hereafter, Muslims, Jews, and Christians may coexist together with peace, harmoniousness, and love. After all there is no good ground why we can & amp ; acirc ; ˆ™t be tolerant of other faiths when we expect all other people to be tolerant of our ain faith. Many people hope, as I do, that this age old competition will one twenty-four hours be solved and be forgotten. A universe of peace is ever a better universe to populate in, a universe without wars, without force, and without bloodshed and the loss of lives. We are all brothers and sisters under one God that we all believe to be true in our ain manner. We should all unite and coexist as one. Not as the same faiths, but as human existences all with their ain love for their ain religion.

I believe we the people of different beliefs can coexist if we are all able to give up and bury about our pride, amour propre, and egoistic nature. If we can state alternatively of: we are right and superior and you are incorrect and inferior. This is what we believe, and we will non force our beliefs on you and you should non coerce or thrust your beliefs on us. No sum of incorrect, immoral, or barbarous things we do to one another can perchance turn out how right or perfect we are. So we should merely all agree to differ on some issues and concentrate more on commonalties, and brotherhood and sistership. Then we can accomplish what is known as, coexisting.

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