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Market Share of Competition

This chart of the market portion shows that Kraft Foods was the universe leader in java gross revenues with 15 % of the planetary market. In Canada Kraft’s/Nabob and Maxwell had a combined portion of 35 % . where Nestle had 19 % . Private labels accounted for 25 % . and smaller companies summed 21 % . With food market markets transporting a choice of java trade names and spirits along with major retail merchants such as Starbucks and Tim Horton’s selling their java beans in grocery mercantile establishments. competition in the Canadian java market remains really aggressive. There are four major java cod rivals in Canada and they are One-to-one. Home Cafe . Senseo. and Bunn My Cafe .

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One-to-one brews java cods in two different sizes and has a saloon quality. This machine has advantage that it can besides alter its spout in order to do iced tea or regular tea. They besides use the biggest java cods at 9. 7 gms vs. the other 7 gm cods used in regular machines. One-to-one besides has three different assortments to take from ; You can buy a 16 battalion of cods for $ 4. 99. These java cod machines are available at the Bay. Canadian Tire. Zellers. and Home Outfitters.

Home Cafe
Home Cafe has force per unit area brewing java cods while acquiring the full spirit of the bean. This machine has a removable platform to avoid spilling and can brew three different cup sizes. This type of java cod has 4 different spirits to take from and a 16 battalion of individual java cods cost $ 4. 99.

Senseo has a specialised machine that creates a rich foam on each java brewed. Each blend is brewed in 30 seconds and has an automatic shutoff after one hr of no usage. Senseo uses premium beans and offers four spirits that come in bundles of 18 for $ 4. 99.

Bunn My Cafe
Bunn My Cafe use particular spray caput and delivers maximal spirit in each cup. This machine can besides brew a cup in 30 seconds and has 9 brewing scenes to alter the strength of the java.

Out of all the machines listed above Bunn My cafe machines sell in retail for $ 150 per machine. the highest monetary value out of the four. The cheapest machine is the One-to-one merchandising in retail from $ 60 – $ 75. The best trade for retail merchandising monetary value of cods is Senseo at $ 4. 99 per 18 battalions of cods


Canada emcing to other states work with faster engineering and faster work force. Before Canadians. java drinkers were taking them longer to acquire their java. Today the Canadian java drinker can acquire their java in one minute. These advanced engineerings reflect to overall Canadian engineering and the fast-paced environment that Canadians live in.


Even though java cods may be a small spot more per cup of java. it has its benefits. Whit usage of the prepackaging for the individual helping java the SSP machines can present java in less than 1 min. The SSP machine step the H2O armored combat vehicle or the sum of land java for your cup. merely topographic point cod and imperativeness a button. You no longer hold to throw away the awful moisture filter with used java you merely have to recycle the small fictile cod. Pods besides do non utilize an existent java pot. so you do non necessitate to clean the pot of java every twenty-four hours. This is perfect for people that normally make merely one java. alternatively of doing a batch. merely a individual cup is processed. Different sorts are besides available in footings of gustatory sensation.


Kraft has taken some important actions to maintain the environment safe and clean. One facet relating to environmental factors is that. the SSP machines are much easier to clean than the other cods on the market. It allows you to hold cluttered land java that is unable to be used. no left over java to pour off and no pot to clean. When finished. users would merely dispose of the cod in the refuse or compost bins. whereas regular disposable java cups and filters must be thrown off in the refuse.

Micro Environment

The 4 P’s
Price $ 0. 50 per cup
Product Single-Serve Coffee Pods ( SSP )
Promotion – Consumer shows. demo plan booth. telecasting sponsorship run. giveaways. print ad purchase one get one free vouchers Place – Consumer shows and large retail mercantile establishments across Canada. Three different selling tools: Shelf-strips with voucher AdPad that holds 12 bags and voucher holder. On-Shelf Single-footing that holds 14 bags. Branded Off-Shelf Bins that holds 48 bags.

Mission Statement:
“Helping people around the universe to eat and populate better. ”

Kraft Foods Inc. . Amalgamate Income Statement
USD $ in 1000000s

Marketing Aims

Herzog’s end was to obtain 45 % market portion at the terminal of 2006 He besides expected 6 % from a 12. 5 million family in 2004 and 8 % in 2006. For advertisement. Kraft wants to utilize Television sponsorship utilizing all telecasting plans for 3. 5 launching. Production for a 30-second English-language competition topographic point would be $ 10000 ; airtime to run English linguistic communication topographic point for one hebdomad would be $ 15000. giveaways would be $ 5400. Promotional executing would be $ 5000. Herzog besides wanted to utilize direct selling through an electronic mail run. This is where clients would be sent an electronic mail ask foring them to see a web site and registry to win a fee year’s supply of java cods. Trading aims for Kraft’s java cods includes shelf-strips with voucher AdPad. on-shelf racking. every bit good as branded off-shelf bins. The cost for the entire run is $ 961400 and there would be $ 38600 left from the $ 1000000 budget.

Proposed Selling Scheme

Monetary value:
To make better value for our clients we decided that monetary value of $ 4. 99 for 16 cods is perfect. Our rivals have the same monetary value but we have better value. This monetary value of $ 4. 99 will aim Melitta in direct competition since they offer the same value. Possibly a little addition ( 18 cods alternatively of 16 cods ) . This will guarantee that Kraft would win in the competition. The sweeping monetary value for the java cods should be $ 49. 99 for 200 java cods. And for market portion. we recommend Mr. Herzog to get down at 20 % with an addition of 5 % per twelvemonth that will take him to those desired 35 % ; 20 % is really possible for Kraft and its really profitable Merchandise:

Kraft’s stigmatization

Our Branding scheme focuses on the packaging. The stigmatization scheme for Kraft’s Maxwell House and Nabob Brand should reflect the consistent stigmatization scheme already being implemented by the company. However. Kraft should utilize upscale packaging and endorse up the upscale high quality merchandise that they have. An illustration of an upscale packaging construct by current market entrant is Melitta. The ground for my stigmatization scheme focal point on the packaging is due to the rule of first feeling and mental association that a possible consumer will hold particularly Kraft’s mark market. The mark market for individual functioning cods is high-income persons and households ( $ 91. 000 ) and knowing persons.

Topographic point:

Most Canadians have their cup of java at place or at the nearest available shop. Kraft should do java so good it enhances the clip we spend with friends and household while basking a cup of it. A good manner to travel about it would be spliting the State in parts and market the merchandise targeted right at their consumer profiles. Furthermore bringing heterosexual to retail shops would do the supply concatenation shorter hence costs will be less. Even better would be to promote most purchasers to purchase it on the Website. with free bringing or a more effectual publicity maneuver. If the Consumer buys the merchandise heterosexual from the maker the dividend will scale up instead so selling them in majority to jobbers and retail merchants.


Promotion is the most of import component of the proposed selling scheme ; all medium must be evaluated so used to get as many consumers as possible. One of the things that can be used is print advertisement ; hoardings. magazines. newspapers etc. Another option is besides Television sponsorship. utilizing about all telecasting plans for 3. 5 months establishing. Direct Selling can besides be suggested for illustration electronic mail invite consumers to see the Website so put an offer like chink to win a free supply of java cods for a twelvemonth. Merchandising has its ain promotional options excessively like on shelf racking. shelf-strips with voucher AdPad or branded off shelf bins.

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