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The great gatsby James Gatz, or more distinctly known as Jay Gatsby, led a very mysterious life. Most people knew of him; few knew him personally. Numerous stories circulated through the crowds of acquaintances of the origin of Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby, himself had many strange and mysterious characteristics. The main characteristics of Jay Gatsby were that he was very worldly, loved to show off, and was always thinking deeply. Jay Gatsby’s worldly attitude was apparent in his discussions with Nick.

It seemed as though Jay Gatsby had gone everywhere and experienced everything there was to experience. He had talked about being poor and meeting Mr. Cody at the docks, and traveling with him. This is also apparent in referring to the stories of Jay Gatsby’s past. If . . . anyone ever confronted him with a story, he would relinquish the information he thought they should know and move on. Jay Gatsby was also a very deep thinking man. He tells that Gatsby is out on his dock with his arms wide open, intrigued by a green light shining from Tom and Daisy Buchanan’s mansion across the bay.

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Also when people ask about his past or his connections with Daisy, he always quick with a response about changing the subject. He does not enjoy the party life but has the need to show the wealthy that he is one too. And whenever Nick and Gatsby are talking it seems as though Gatsby is off in a different world. Another distinct fact about Jay Gatsby’s worldliness was that he could tell you about everyone. The majority of the people attending these parties, Jay Gatsby does not know personally.

These attributes molded the life of Jay Gatsby and made him the mysterious and strange individual that he is. He is also not usually in attendance at these parties; rather he stays up in his office or his room watching the festivities. He begins giving her a very detailed tour of the mansion from top to bottom, including his closet of handmade shirts. He seemed to know everyone’s dirt and accomplishments. He knew everyone’s life story; where they lived, who they were in business with, which was plotting against them, everything.

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