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Depending on your faith, approach to discipleship or views on religion, this statement could either be agreed or disagreed with. In our power hungry society hardly anyone would willingly give up their job, money, family and life and dedicate their lives to a cause that they will not see the rewards of, until after they die. Although the Bible and priests tell us that the rewards you will receive will be worth more than what you gave up, whoever “leaves home or brothers or sisters or mother…for me and for the Gospel will receive much more in this present age.He will receive a hundred times more houses, brothers…”. You will not literally receive a hundred brothers, but the sacrifice you make in the name of God will be paid back hundreds of times. However, one could argue that this life is not without its rewards. If you become a priest and take a vow of chastity then you will not be able to have a family, but on entering priesthood you are entering a huge family that stretches around the whole world and those people will love you just as a family would.As well as being more money obsessed than the community Jesus lived in, Church and faith is not so widely accepted today and where in Jesus’ time you could be scorned for not going to church, in some cases today you could be scorned for going to church. Jesus is not here with us so it is also harder to have faith. The disciples had Jesus with them, performing miracles and healing sick but all we have is a book telling us what happened which does not have quite the same impact. 2000 years ago people had a society that was centred on religion and were witnesses to the miracles that Jesus performed and today to be asked to give up our jobs, money family or the hope of having one to live a life of discipleship is rather unrealistic. For one, the economy would collapse.Also, the disciples that Jesus had were the original ones, the ones that invented discipleship and lived it out all the time and for us to try and live up to their example is practically impossible. One could argue that although these are valid points, they can be counteracted. Many churches are full on Sunday’s, showing people are not ashamed to have faith. You do not have to be perfect to be a disciple, Peters denial shows us that even Jesus’ close followers were not perfect and the Calming of the Storm tells us that even Jesus’ chosen people sometimes lacked faith.Discipleship is possible in today’s conditions. You do not have to abandon your whole life and go and live in an impoverished place to be a disciple because that would be unrealistic. Many people are probably living a life of discipleship without knowing it just by donating money to Charities like CAFOD and by going to Church and living like God would have wanted. You do not have to be perfect but it is possible to be a disciple in the modern world.

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