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Increasing temperatures has caused changes in ecosystems and in the behavior of many animals. For instance, there are birds that do not come to Spain and others do not leave the country. According to Greenback Magazine, the disturbance of species Inhabiting Spain has direct implications for the industry. What’s more, tourism is also being affected by rising temperatures since for example, ski seasons are becoming shorter and thus, the economic benefits are lower.

Furthermore, many tourists no longer wish to come to Spain on holiday for temperatures are too high. In other words, that happens because “comfort temperature” is exceeded. Finally, another important reason that warns of Global Warming is natural disasters. Tropical storms and small hurricanes are becoming more frequent causing negative consequences for humans, animals and plants.

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For instance, in 2007, a small hurricane slammed the southeast coast of the country due to increasing temperature Of he Mediterranean Sea and caused physical and material damages to the citizens of the area. To sum up, this essay have given an account of how present day Global Warming is an important trouble for Spain and its environmental including humans, animals and plants through a review of temperature factor in different situations. In this respect, it would be interesting that future research would find a solution in order to preserve the environment.

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