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Is Environment Important? The environment is a big thing. It is basically everything around us and what we live in. We can be really bad to the environment because we are abusing it and its important that we take care of it. I think that its important that we are good to the environment. We are abusing the environment unfortunately. We are doing this by not recycling, using aerosol cans and wasting water and trees.

We need to stop busing it because if we don’t stop we will ruin it and the environment is really important because it our natural habitat and we only have one. If we would start being good to the environment it would be a lot place. It’s important that we take care of it because if we don’t we will have horrible air to breathe, no water, and no trees. That would be really bad because we would die without those things. We need to start doing simple things to save the environment.

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There are many things we can do to help. To help the environment you could recycle for one and stop littering. Another thing is to save water and not leave it running and use only needed amounts. Another is trees, to save trees we should try not to use a lot of paper and be conservative with it and like said before recycle it. We could also use “green” products which are products that are good for the environment and is good for the air. Hopefully by doing these things we can have a better environment.

The reason why the environment is important is because with out it we are nothing were basically dead its what keeping us alive. If we abuse it then we might as well just kill ourselves. So my answer to the question is yes the environment is important because with out it we would be dead because the environment has some of our basic necessities of life including food water and has things that can make shelter. So in conclusion every one should be better to the environment.

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