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The undermentioned internship study represents my acquisition and working experience, during my internship in Hotel Pak Continental. The study includes an overall glimpse of analysis of the cordial reception industry and besides the operational analysis of Hotel Pak Continental i.e. how they manage to make their work and finish their undertaking in clip.

This study is based on personal analysis of my abilities and besides about what I have learned about personal moralss. The study includes my personal analysis of my abilities and besides about what I have learnt so far about the professional moralss.

I chose hotel Pak Continental Islamabad for making my internship as I was interested to work in the hospitality/service sector and to larn that how different sections work in this sector. I had involvement in working in the cordial reception industry and this was besides a large ground that why I had choose hotel to make my internship. I think that in my point of position there is a immense range in the hotel industry in Pakistan as there are figure denumerable celebrated hotels that are working in Pakistan. While working in the hotel I learn to pull off it gave me a opportunity that how things are managed in a short notice and what fortunes are taken by the hotels to fulfill its clients and how guest ailments are entertained.

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Making my internship there it improved enhanced my exposure to run into and interacted communicate with different clients and used different tactics to fulfill them. As I worked in gross revenues and selling section, I experienced how two different sections are controlled operated under the supervising of a individual individual. Overall it was a fantastic really good experience for me to work in Hotel Pak continental.

Internship Letter


Background of Hotel Industry:

The hotel concern is rather quickly booming divisions of the economic system. The hotel industry entirely is a multi-billion dollar and developing endeavor. It offers limitless chances every bit good as it is an active and exciting field. The hotel industry is diversified in nature so it let different people from different involvement to work in assorted sections of the hotel at different The hotel industry is diverse plenty for people to work in different countries of involvement and still be employed within the hotel industry. This motion is non merely in a individual state, but all around the Earth.

The hotel industry is a mature industry marked by intense competition. Harmonizing to a study today around 15 % of working population of the universe is engaged in the cordial reception industry. Hotel today non merely caters to the basic demands of the guest like nutrient and shelter but in add-on to that they besides provide much more than that, like personalized services.

“ Hotels today are a “ Home off from place ” .


To construct hallmark with defined, dependable merchandise criterions via extraordinary personalized bundles, transcending outlooks, and making a connexion to our trade name in the experiences we offer.


To carry through our commercial aims while attesting supreme quality and service to our clients.

Core values:

The followers are the nucleus values of Hotel Pak Continental.

Exceptional Service



Continuous Improvement

Hotel Pak Continental is kind of a smaller luxury hotel designed to Satisfy the single traveller seeking the privateness, Hotel Pak Continental the company ‘s smaller, luxury hotels designed to provide to the know aparting single traveller seeking the privateness, personalized bundles and elegance of a little Pakistani hotel. The proprietor of the hotel is Mr. HAJI GUL AFRIDI who is the Ex-senator. They offer a sense of reserve and indulgence. They provide exceeding nutrient and drinks installations, corporative environment, confidant and 24-hour individualized service. Since the gap of Hotel Pak Continental in 2003, Hotel Pak Continental has become known as a leader in the constitution and operation of dramatic luxury hotels. Hotel Pak Continental is a smaller, 3 star hotel. Hotel Pak Continental offers comfortss of a 3 star hotel in room and has excellent nutrient and drink installations and 24-hour individualized service.

Today, in the scope of three star hotels, Hotel Pak Continental specifies in gilded hotel including conference installations and particular services for the concern traveller, HPC is operated in capital metropolis of Pakistan, near airdrome and PIMS infirmary and outstanding resort country in Islamabad. Hotel Pak Continental has made a important part to regenerating the country and encouraging concern.

Cataloguing & A ; types of hotel

Hotel can be categorized into different classs or categories, founded on their operational criterions. For illustration the type of lodging they provide, location of the belongings, type of installations provided, installations given and the usage they provide to can assist groups hotels today.

Economy hotel: It provides well-organized reason private suites with bath. The arming and decor are acceptable to common of travellers. Food and imbibe service may or may non be gettable.

First category hotels: They are extravagance hotels with first-class decor better than regular nutrient and drink service, uniformed bell services. They frequently have 2 or 3 dining suites, swimming pool, sanatoria etc.

Deluxe hotels: They are improved and offer more dedicated services than first category hotels. They besides provide limousine installations.

Traditional hotels: They have the basic thought of suites with breakfast, bell desk installations and the other usual comfortss.

Motels: They are situated on main roads. Guest is given infinite right outside their diggingss. The normally have a gas station / workshop involved to them.

Resorts: They are typically located in tourer sites like on rivers, foothills, woods, or the sea. They give more award to athleticss proceedings freedom and re-creation events like achieves, touristry, venture athleticss, etc

Resident hotels: Where guest holiday for longer period, stay like hebdomads, months even old ages.

Casino hotels: They are hotels typically in traveler advertizements and largely supply to people who are on vacations. Casino hotels like the name propose offer gambling services along with suites.

Government Approved Hotels: These are the hotels, which power non hold applied for star categorization or little sufficient to happen them in the list. Many of the nature redresss, bungalows and inns are authorities accepted supplying a minimal degree of lodging services at far off topographic points.

Commercial Hotels: These hotels bring mostly to work-related clients and classically offer room installation, coffee-shop, eating room, cocktail life room, wash and clean competency along with response to Personal computers and fax adjustments.

Airport Hotels: They are located near to airdromes and are a suitably situated to present any degree of installation from merely a fresh room to room service and they might present coach or limousine service to the air lines.

Conference Centers are planned to exactly present conference galaxy from bunchs ; they deliver all installations and apparatus indispensable to grip understandings.

Economy Hotels present a uncomplete installation and are known for clean suites at low values conference merely the undeveloped demands of tourers.

Suite or All-Suite Hotels are hotels which proposal expansive program and project.A Business individuals like the location which delivers galaxy to attempt and amuse isolated from the sleeping room.

Residential Hotels used to be really common.A The characteristic lodging hotel proposals long term lodgings.

Casino Hotels are often reasonably comfortable.A Their main finding is in proviso of the gambling process.A Nightclub hotels repeatedly proposal top name executing and outstanding restaurants.A

Resort Hotels are the calculated end point of visitants, normally travelers.A This is because resorts are situated at the Marine or in the foothills absent from interior capitals.A Resort hotels may proposal any signifier of executing to maintain their visitants pleased and eventful.


Hotels can be identified harmonizing to their size and the adjustment degree they are offering to their clients. Harmonizing to this some by and large accepted sizes of the hotels in the universe are

The Small Hotels: Contains up to 150 suites.

The Medium Hotels: This scope of hotels consists of 150 to 300 suites.

The big Hotels: Starts room 300 to 600 suites.

The Extra Large Hotels: More than 600 suites

Awarding of category of the hotel:

When presenting of category of the hotel is done there are a twosome of things and criterions mentioned below are taken into concern while allowing star class to any hotel.

How many suites a hotel consist

Elegant and relaxed environment

Suites competency

Sanitation and Hygienic environment

Staff size and expertness

Assortment of services

Sum of Restaurants

Parallel barss and Beverage services

Concierge services

Handiness to amusement

Handiness of transit

Spa and swimming pool installation

Reservation and referral services.

Star categorization of hotels

To value a hotel a star requires few exact critical standards which must be achieved by the hotel and moreover the rating up phase is besides done on the footing of achieving those values in bright. It can be said that the hotel standing is dependent on the processs it take to content the client. The good recognized classifying of the hotel are done in costars which remain by manner of paths.

One star ( * )

Two star ( ** )

Three star ( *** )

Four star ( **** )

Five star [ ***** ]

Five star deluxe ( ***** deluxe )

One Star Group

The hotels with basic installations, minor figure of adjustments. These hotels are best when client is looking for inexpensive available lodging pick.

Two star classs

These hotels are largely presented in the little metropoliss and in specific parts of larger metropoliss. These hotels deliver all basic services required for general housing and offers lowest charges.

Three star classs:

Three star hotels are those which holding good architectural landscapes and should be good parking installations. At least 50 % of the suites will be air conditioned besides nice decor and holding good trained staff. They should supply you hygiene and sanitation installations.

Four star Classs

Rank below five leading hotel but giving you Hi- Fi installations are four leading hotel, where travelers have a limited budget they use to travel four star hotel. Quality of services as like five star hotels

Five leading classs:

Five star groups are merely chosen to properties, which have all the potencies of a three star material and a few added. Similar the full material must be to the full cooled. The construction of the material must be an fine-looking unique. All the diggingss must be roomy. The material must hold good feasting ability, commercial centre. Good and well-maintained swimming pool and fittingness nine a sanatarium is elected

Five star deluxe classs:

There are merely like every bit five star topographic point holding merely difference in this is on big graduated table. Five star deluxe classs preserve a high trained staff to keep a high degree of services. They have 5 to 7 dining suites, saloon, 24-hour java store, sanitations, feasting services, fittingness centres, concern centres.

1.2 Aims:

The aims if the Hotel Pak Continental are

Establish and maintain high criterions of leisure and comfort.

To fulfill clients by presenting quality service and through customization of quality merchandises

1.3 Organizational construction

Pak Continental organisational construction is as follows

G.M & A ;


Gross saless & A ;





House maintaining


Food & A ;



Room service


Front desk

Adjunct gross revenues director

Finance director

Assist. Finance




House maintaining male childs




Day director

Night director

Assistant selling director


Assistant Manager

Order Taker



Telephone operator

Bell male child

Telephone operator

Bell male child

1.3.1 Description of the sections

Food and Beverage F & A ; B Department: F & A ; B section trades with the services related to nutrient and drinks. Divers sections are at that place in F & A ; B like Restaurants, Bar, Banquets, Specialty Restaurants, Coffee Shop, Room service etc. This section besides provides Utility services ( Cleaning ) .

Food Items Production Department: This section deals in the readyings of nutrient points. This is largely involved in the agreement of those dishes, which the invitees have ordered and so F and B section caters it.

Front Desk Office Department: The forepart Desk office undertakes the reserves, record maintaining of invitee ‘s histories, and review of invitees. Distribution of guestroom keys and station, memos or other info for invitees are besides tackled by the forepart desk directors.

Housekeeping Department: Housekeeping is responsible for the cleansing of guestrooms and public countries. This section contains the largest no of staff, which consists of an helper housekeeper, linen country attenders, room inspectors, room attenders, a house individual crew, and employee uniforms in charge. The wash and gentleman cogwheel may be merely used for hotel linens and uniforms ; they normally send guest vesture to a specialized and private service where it can be handled professionally.

Marketing Department: Gross saless and selling dramas critical function in the maps of the hotel concern and is an of import portion of cordial reception concern. This section is involved in boxing for selling, gross revenues publicity, and advertisement. The selling section is responsible of maintaining the suites occupied at a good monetary value.

Finance/ Accounting Department: Accounting section manages many concern minutess that occur, on day-to-day footing. This section does more than merely maintaining books ; it can besides be called finance direction, which is likely the right description of this section. However the control section handles cost control programs by manner of diminishing in investing, lessening in operating cost, control of nutrient service costs, drink costs, and labour cost etc.

Administration Department: Top executive associates normally manage the Admin Department in the hotel. This section is accountable for work related with disposal, employee ‘s well-being, wellness cheque and safety

1.4. Products and services

The cordial reception industry covers a scope of concerns that deliver services and comfortss such as adjustment, nutrient and drink, amusement, gambling and other merchandises. Hotel Pak continental is a company of cordial reception sector and mainly it ‘s is offering

merchandises in term of nutrient

services in footings of suites and halls to remain and bask

Where these two chief classs are farther explained


Events installations at Hotel Pak Continental: HPC Islamabad has a figure of halls for parties, matrimonies and conferences. Hotel ‘s dining and feasting suites are designed to offer maximal flexibleness, together with up to day of the month proficient and illuming installations. This certifies that even the most delicate event can be accommodated ; the hotel besides offers smaller private juncture.

Feasting: No affair what the intent or graduated table of the event, from the VIP breakfast for invitees to a nuptials ceremonial. HPC is being able to host every possible dining and feasting juncture at the greatest leisure and manner. The client can confidently swear the hotel ‘s extremely qualified Banquet squad, which can run into all their demands. This service, will guarantee that the event is genuinely a memorable one.

Servicess: HPC provides complimentary airdrome bird service including travel desk installations. HPC besides have links with other hotels to all major international metropoliss Within Pakistan, Pak Continental Hotel offers 4star deluxe service.

Other amusement installations: The hotel installations are:

30 Channel Satellite Television

In-house films

Fax machines in all suites

executive nine ‘s suites

International direct dialing

Exclusive electronic safes

Non-smoking floor

Centrally air-conditioned environment

Beauty Salon/Barber Shop

Shoping arcade

Suites and abode: The 10 invitee suites consisting of 18 Executive suites, four super deluxe suites and 15 Executive Suites are all designed to supply the uttermost in comfort. All suites are equipped with satellite telecasting, in-house films and modern comfortss. In fact, every aspect and installation required by the spoting traveller is catered to. The room division offers the ultimate in epicurean life with 24 hours in – house films, satellite music and 30 channel satellite telecasting webs.

Room Service operates round the clock caring for all the travellers ‘ demands. Carry throughing the smallest of petitions to pressing demands, the room service assures in-house invitees of the best quality of aid. Personal facsimile machines are available in all suites and executive nine ‘s suites guaranting complete privateness and confidentiality. Business Centre & A ; Secretarial Services are besides available throughout the twenty-four hours and upto midnight.

Exclusive Executive: Business invitee can besides bask nine installations. The Executive Club offers particular pantryman service and entree to an Executive Club sofa where Continental breakfast is served for the invitees. Exclusive nine offers refreshments and light bites, through out the twenty-four hours.

Hotel Pak continental besides entertain its clients by giving seasonal bundles of



1.4.2. Merchandises

Besides these the above services following installations are available for the invitees:

40 to the full equipped suites

Marrying hall Hina

Marrying hall Sana

Conference hall Arosa

Conference hall Chandni

Authorized Money Changer

Business Centre

In-House Doctor


Car Rental.

Learning & A ; experience

2.1. Finance Department:

The Finance Department in the concern is one of the most important subdivisions, as it assistances in supplying the funding and accounting informations of import to do legion picks. However, this section has a portion that contains a figure of duties.

Records Care:

The finance Department is answerable for maintaining record of all gross revenues and investing disbursement at a concern.

P & A ; L Statement:

Another responsibility of the finance section is to present organisation with a net income & A ; loss statement that will expose the overall strengths or failings of a concern.

Inform Executives:

Manager needs the most present facts to do the finest determination for their subdivisions. The Finance section has a duty to present them with the maximal perfect and timely facts possible. This would incorporate information such as costs to make a merchandise.


The finance section shows an indispensable function in functioning the concern obtains the indispensable funding it demands, how the money will be funded.


Finance section are a chief portion of all authoritiess besides concerns, such as universities, charities and authoritiess and cordial reception etc.

2.1.1. Restrictions of the work:

There are some restrictions which I faced during the Internship plan, which are described as under:

The clip period of ( eight hebdomads ) was excessively short for larning experience.

Staff members avoided to give all information. They kept most of the informations secrets. So it was really hard to roll up the relevant information.

Manager and other staff members have their ain undertaking to make and it was a great job for them to pass clip with internee.

Lack of co-operation by some employees

Lack of truth of the relevant information.

The grade staff was non decently trained hence they have non answered accurately.

Alternatively of all these troubles I have completed this work with full cooperation of few directors specially Manager Mr. Ajaz Ahmed who provided most of the required informations and information.

2.1.2. What I learnt during internship ;

I learnt the replies of following inquiries during practical experience of internship

What is fiscal direction

Why histories are maintained

How payments are made

What is hard currency book

What is public-service corporation and importance of accounting information

Role of accounting information in policy devising and planning of the organisation

Agreement of fundss and doing policy and rule of fruitful use of financess is fiscal direction. Histories are written record of reception and payments. Keeping history is indispensable for continuing record of grosss and payments and supplying accounting information to stakeholder and policy shaper for planning and policy devising. All payments are made after obtaining countenances of competent authorization and punctually supported with verifiers. Payments are made through Cheque. To guarantee the truth of history rapprochement of all payments and sedimentation in bank is made with bank on monthly footing. Following books of histories are maintained.

Cash book


Budget registry

Register if income/receipt

Register of progresss

2.2. Internship continuance and Rational for Selection

My internship covers a period of 8 hebdomads get downing from 27th of June, 2011 to 26th of August, 2011. As I have involvement in in the field of marketing so it was a really experience for me to work in the Marketing section and was easy for me to understand assorted selling and gross revenues constructs and techniques which were practically used at that place. It was all over a new experience for me to utilize those methods to work out the undertakings assigned to me. During my internship in the hotel I got a opportunity to practically use my cognition to work out the undertakings. One of the grounds why I choose Hotel to make my internship was that in my point of position the cordial reception industry has a immense range in Pakistan. It is a diamond mine waiting to be explored.

Undertaking performed in finance section

I learnt the replies of following inquiries during practical experience of internship

What is fiscal direction

Why histories are maintained

How payments are made

What is hard currency book

What is public-service corporation and importance of accounting information

Role of accounting information in policy devising and planning of the organisation

Agreement of fundss and doing policy and rule of fruitful use of financess is fiscal direction. Histories are written record of reception and payments. Keeping history is indispensable for continuing record of grosss and payments and supplying accounting information to CEO and policy shaper for planning and policy devising. All payments are made after obtaining blessings of competent authorization and right supported with verifiers. Payments are made through Cheque and hard currency. To guarantee the truth of history rapprochement of all payments and sedimentation in bank is made with bank on monthly footing. Following books of histories are maintained. Cash book


Budget registry

Register if income/receipt

Register of progresss

Undertaking performed in the gross revenues and selling section:

I have performed about all the undertakings at gross revenues and selling section. The description of occupation which was provided at orientation ( start of the internship ) clip was dwelling of the following undertakings which I had performed at that place:

Gross saless visits.

During the internship I visited assorted organisations in which we were sing for the first clip and some of them were our clients and we visited them merely for the courtesy so that they may see the hotel shortly and give it some concern.

The acquisition point in this undertaking was the convincing treatment we had gone through with the clients and I got a opportunity to acquire an thought how to utilize different tactics to acquire a concern.

Marketing visits:

With the director and sometimes with his helper we visited the market to analyze the ways to pull new clients. As Ramadan was heading in August so in order to establish the Ramadan strategy we visited the market to acquire an thought what other hotels were offering.

Gross saless Calls

In the average clip of my internship I besides got the preparation of doing gross revenues calls. It was interesting in a manner that we call to new companies and discuss with them our merchandises and services and the best portion was the forbearance required for doing the client to acquire agree to avail our merchandise. Most of the times it happened that the client agreed on the phone and when we made a gross revenues visit it wholly refused our offer.

Courtesy calls.

In the internship I was besides trained to do courtesy calls in order to retain our old clients and to state them about any new bundle which we were traveling to establish in the hereafter.

Customer record, charge and recovery:

This was the portion of my internship which was straight related to my MBA. As I am a finance pupil so I besides got the preparation of:

keeping the client record

publishing them letters for the outstanding of their histories with us

recovery calls and visits

retrieving the sums

reminder letters

By making all the above said undertakings I learned a batch about how to travel in the organisation and how to work in the tensed environment. Before making the internship I had no thought how the courtesy is used and how this is hard to do any organisation our client. The undertakings which I performed at that place in the hotel were a spot different which we are taught. For case gross revenues and selling are two separate sections in the books but in world both sections are working under one caput.

I learned how to utilize my forbearance and how to do a new company client of the hotel. The biggest cardinal point I learned was the presentation of myself in forepart of executives of the organisation. Recovery of the outstanding sums and giving price reductions besides help me in increasing my information that how all these things are done in the existent concern life.

2.3 SWOT Analysis of Pak Continental Hotel







Become a strong and established trade name name in a limited term of office of 9 old ages

It is near to Islamabad air port about 15 proceedingss drive.

Have a bright name in the class of 3 star hotels in Islamabad

Using feast installations with complete scope of audio- ocular equipments.

Giving catering services at your door measure.

24/7 physician available on a individual call.

Standby generator for confronting the power deficit in the state.

Broad auto parking, lease a auto service and tour information services.

They besides have lift installation


The site of the hotel can be said as a failing for the hotel. As it is situated in a market yet the country is surrounded by motor workshops and a auto salesroom which is a point client hesitate to come to the hotel.

Another failing can be its short clip period of being in the sector of cordial reception where there are people sitting for more than 40 old ages.

Limited room infinite can be said another failing for the hotel. With the outgrowth of other hotels of same class like Envoy Continental hotel Pak Continental demand to look upon in addition their abode installations but they are bound non to make it because of cost and infinite restraints.


By presenting more bundles like nuptials and for Ramadan Pak continental can increase its client ship.

By presenting ranks for the concern every bit good as for general public the hotel can increase its concern.

By doing associations and making contracts with celebrated dress shops and and frock interior decorators it can set up events which will pull the clients and will assist in addition in the market portion of the hotel.

With patronizing different local events like Basant and musical darks the hotel worth will increase in the oculus of public which will assist it to increase in the net incomes.

Some particular bundles debut in the hotel merchandises like giving price reductions to the freshly wed twosome and on birthday parties will increase the client ship of the hotel.


Increasing competition can be said a critical menace for the hotel as new hotel like gap of hotel De Pape ‘ , Rose garden and Envoy continental which are situated in the same part are a menace for Pak continental.

anarchy due to the self-destruction bombardment in the recent old ages have adversely consequence the touristry sector doing diminishing in the concern of hotels.

As Pak continental is a three star hotel and it has already a limited market and due to the planetary economic recession the purchasing power of the client has decreased impacting the hotel industry adversely.


After this comprehensive study on the cordial reception sector, I came up with some suggestions for Pak Continental hotel to undertake with the bing conditions and every bit good as to get by with the unifying rivals in the sector.

Pak continental should heighten its concern by presenting new merchandises

Hotel should give clip to clip publicities to retain its clients.

It should besides see the eating houses one of its rivals

New hall and anterooms should be constructed.

Human resource direction is the unifying new sector in the universe and the hotel is missing in the section so it should present a H.R section in it so that the optimum usage of the employees can be made.

There is a lack observed in the hotel about developing its employees and carry oning work stores to heighten their working capablenesss. HPC higher authorization should besides see employee preparation in their near future programs


I would wish to reason that I have been given a great chance in my to work in a the cordial reception sector, and in a private organisation. While larning and deriving a professional experience, I enjoyed at that place and it was the clip when I felt independent, confident, responsible and accomplished my determination doing power.

The purpose of my internship was to acquire a practical experience and exposure the difference between the theoretical things and the practical execution of them. I have exercised what I have learned during my MBA. I have learned that how organisations are different and how they are compete each other on the cut pharynx state of affairs.

Working at gross revenues and selling section was a spot different and lively experience in the terminal. Each twenty-four hours I had to pass on with my clients. it was a good experience of accommodating the record of clients and to update the client outstanding balance. I had a experience to watch and detect how to do new clients and how to carry them to once more utilize our services. There were times when things were seem to travel off from us and there were times when was taught that whatever the client say “ the client is ever right ” .

In this 7 hebdomads of my work I noticed and analyzed my capablenesss to get by emphasis and my determination devising on my observation and took opportunities to smooth them as my capablenesss are originally traveling to be used after completion of my MBA. Hence working in Hotel Pak continental enhanced by communicative accomplishments and helped me to cipher my ego in different state of affairss.


Hotel manual

Gross saless and selling director Ajaz Ahmed ( 03005533116 )


Get downing with the name of ALLAH the most good and the most merciful whose favours are abundant.

I am grateful to Almighty Allah and his Holy Prophet ( PBUH ) whose approvals enabled me to comprehend and prosecute higher thoughts of life, who gave me the bravery and cognition to vie this undertaking.

I deem it a great award and privilege to enter sense of gratitude to my instructors, co-workers, and subsidiaries who provide me with their counsel to carry through the demands all the manner to the terminal.

Without their encouragement and counsel this undertaking would non hold materialized.


Personal Resume


H # 175, St # 3, Mobile: 0300-5533117

Sector G-8/2, Islamabad Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Muslimism

Electronic mail: rohail1947 @


To seek respectable place in a company of reputation that besides promises a rewarding calling


Degree Year of Completion Board GRADE

MBA 2010-2012 ( In advancement ) CIIT –

B.COM 2008-2010 PCC B

I.COM 2006-2008 PCC B

Matric ( scientific discipline ) 2003-2005 ISSC B

Experience OF WORK

aˆ? 2011- Worked as an intern in Hotel Pak Continental for a period of 2 months.



Participated in a undertaking sing “ Drug Addiction among people ” With the aid of an NGO ICAN we gathered informations by questioning the rehabilitated people.


aˆ? Can manage MS Office applications with sensible proficiency.

aˆ? Interpersonal accomplishments.


aˆ? English

aˆ? Urdu

aˆ? Punjabi


aˆ? Shoping the cyberspace.

aˆ? Listening music.

aˆ? Body edifice.

aˆ? Birds maintaining.

aˆ? Guitaring.

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