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Challenges faced by International Students It is said that “challenges are the tools for bringing one’s inner strength out”. Being an International student I strongly believe in the above saying. Challenges faced by International students can be know well-before in the home country or most of the time the challenges are know after visiting the foreign country. Challenges faced by an international student can be compared to a young child going to the school for the first time. The only difference is that, the young child has to be convinced to go to school while, the International student has already made a decision to go to a foreign country.

The young child is sent to school to learn new things which would help him/her in the future similarly international student moves out of his/her home country to learn new things by getting the international exposure. The young child, when he enters the school and his parents leave him alone for the school time, the child is nervous. Once the parents leave the child, he is in a new environment where he finds many children same as him and starts observing them. Teacher tries to create the type of environment which would make the children feel good; however the child does not like it-because humans do not like changes.

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For initial time period every day the child faces a challenge of going to school and then a day comes when he start adjusting himself to the school environment and then the things starts changing. Similar is the case of an international student, most of the international students face challenges in their initial time period usually first 30 to 60 days. When the international student leaves his home country he is nervous because he is going to a new country where things are going to be different and all new.

He has lots of excitement of entering in a new country but is still a bit nervous until he starts observing new things. University in which the international student is going to study is the environment in which he is going to adjust. He has a challenge of adjusting himself to the new country, new accommodation, new system of education, new way of leaving, new climate and on top of all this adjusting with new people. As time passes he observes people, makes new friends, learns new things, starts enjoying his studies and learns to manage things on his own.

With all the learning, International students do start missing, their family, their friends and all other loved ones back in their home country and sometimes feel like they should go back to their home country rather than staying here and this the most important challenge everyone faces and I am 110% sure each and every International student must have faced this strong challenge, but like that young child every international student convinces his mind and stays back to achieve their goal.

Still International students have an ongoing challenge for their bright career. Being an international student, I would salute all international students for facing all the challenges boldly and strongly. I wish all of you Good Luck for future!!

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