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I am a part of NGO which is running a cause for people with disabilities. An inspirational speech for the disabled people to motivate them to become successful. Target Audience: Persons with disabilities except for deaf & dumb people. Hello Friends, How are you? Doing great? good well, I would begin asking you one question What do you think of yourself? Do you think that you people are waste.. u r the extra baggage which this earth is carrying the society sees towards you with sympathy and nothing else. If your answers to these questions are yes….

Then I will prove you wrong And if the answers are ‘no’ then you are on right track and I will aid you Look how I am sure that ur thinking will change once I give you examples of some successful people who were like you. And these people were able to do 1. James Anthony Abbott, a famous baseball player. Abbott was born in Michigan He was born without a right hand. He graduated from Flint Central High School in Michigan where he was a stand-out pitcher and as an American football quarterback led his team to the state championships. 2] He played for the Grossi Baseball Club during the summers in the Connie Mack leagues of Michigan. He was drafted in the 36th round by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 1985 Major League Baseball Draft but didn’t sign, instead moving on to the University of Michigan. He played for Michigan three years, from 1985 to 1989, leading them to two Big Ten championships. In 1987, he won the James E. Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the United States, becoming the first baseball pitcher to win that award. [1] The same year Abbott pitched for the United States at the Pan-American Games, winning a silver edal. The highlight of his amateur career was when he pitched the final game in the 1988 Summer Olympics, winning a gold medal for the United States. Abbott was voted the Big Ten male athlete of the year in 1988, receiving the Jesse Owens Award. Abbott would be selected 8th overall by the California Angels in the 1988 draft. In 2007, Abbott was elected to the College Baseball Hall of Fame for his career at Michigan. When preparing to pitch the ball, Abbott would rest a left-handed thrower’s glove on the end of his right forearm.

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After releasing the ball, he would quickly slip his hand into the glove, usually in time to field any balls that a two-handed pitcher would be able to field. Then he would remove the glove by securing it between his right forearm and torso, slip his hand out of the glove, and remove the ball from the glove, usually in time to throw out the runner, and sometimes even starting double plays. During international play, Cuba once decided to repeatedly bunt against him, hoping that he wouldn’t be able to manage, which proved to be an unsuccessful strategy. 2.

Stephen Hawking is severely disabled by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS (a type of motor neurone disease); this condition is commonly known in the United States as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. When he was young, he enjoyed riding horses and playing with other children. Symptoms of the disorder first appeared while he was enrolled at Cambridge; he lost his balance and fell down a flight of stairs, hitting his head. The diagnosis of motor neurone disease came when Hawking was 21, shortly before his first marriage, and doctors said he would not survive more than two or three years.

Hawking gradually lost the use of his arms, legs, and voice, and is now almost completely paralyzed. During a visit to the research centre CERN in Geneva in 1985, Hawking contracted pneumonia, which in his condition was life-threatening as it further restricted his already limited respiratory capacity. He had an emergency tracheotomy, and as a result lost what remained of his ability to speak. He has since used an electronic voice synthesizer to communicate. 3. Tom Cruise is among the most talented actors in Hollywood. His films take in hundreds of millions of dollars and his fans also number in the millions.

Some of his big hits were Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Rain Man, Far and Away, A Few Good Men, Mission Impossible, and Jerry Mcguire. Even though Tom Cruise battles dyslexia, which is a learning disability that alters the way the brain process written material, he was nominated for and won several awards for best actor. list of famous people who are considered dyslexic: physicist Albert Einstein, painter Leonardo Da Vinci, Walt Disney, novelist Agatha Christie, Thomas Edison, painter & sculptor Pablo Picasso, and actor Abhishek Bachchan 4. In 1928, Franklin Roosevelt was elected as the governor of New York.

He then started campaigning for the presidency, and he became the 32nd president of the United States in 1932. Furthermore, by defeating Alfred Landon in 1936, Wendell L. Wilkie in 1940, and Thomas Dewey in 1944, he became the only American President to serve more than two terms. In 1921, Franklin Roosevelt contracted a near fatal case of polio that left him with limited physical activity. He established a foundation at Warm Springs, Georgia to help other people who had polio, and he directed the March of Dimes Program that eventually funded an effective vaccine.

As a result of polio, Roosevelt used a wheelchair and stood with the aid of steel leg braces. He tried numerous treatments, but was never able to walk on his own again. 5. Helen Adams Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968) was an American author, activist and lecturer. She was the first deafblind person to graduate from college. The story of how Keller’s teacher, Annie Sullivan, broke through the isolation imposed by a near complete lack of language, allowing the girl to blossom as she learned to communicate, has become known worldwide through the dramatic depictions of the play The Miracle Worker..

A prolific author, she was well traveled, and was outspoken in her opposition to war. She campaigned for women’s suffrage, workers’ rights and socialism, as well as many other progressive causes. 6. Roger Crawford The first and only athlete with four impaired limbs to compete in an NCAA Division One college sport and to be certified by the United States Professional Tennis Association; Loyola-Marymount University Athletic Hall of Fame inductee; National Hall of Fame for Persons With

Disabilities inductee; Author of How High Can You Bounce and Playing from the Heart; Awarded the distinguished CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame designation, which is a lifetime honor for speaking excellence presented by the National Speakers Association; Appearances on “Good Morning America,” CNBC, and the “Hour of Power”; Featured in the original best-selling book Chicken Soup for the Soul, in the Emmy-award-winning movie In a New Light, and in publications, such as USA Today, Men’s Fitness, and Tennis More About Roger Crawford . . .

Setbacks turn into comebacks when Roger Crawford shows his audiences how to use resilience as a springboard to success. Physically challenged since birth and told he may never walk, Roger Crawford beat the odds to become an award-winning NCAA Division I college athlete, certified member of the U. S. Professional Tennis Association, inductee into three different halls of fame. An internationally acclaimed motivational speaker , Roger Crawford has been serving up grand slam programs to audiences throughout the world for 20 years.

Crawford, who entertains, empowers, and energizes his audiences, delivers a message that can make a difference in the lives of those who hear him. He is equally effective as an opening speaker who excites the audience about the upcoming meeting and a closing speaker who sends the audience off on an unforgettable high. Conclusion: It is often said that God introduces problems in people’s lives, so they can find solutions for them. The right perspective to life can make a huge difference, and this is possible only when people have the motivation to face any challenge.

According to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. “You exhibit what can be called ‘true grit’ in all that you do.

You have forgotten whatever ‘handicaps’ others may have assigned to you, and have concentrated on the God-given talents you so proudly display. ” — Ronald Reagan 40th President of the United States Don’t u people hav dreams. u certainly have. So don’t let them go away. Cherish them. U r also a human being and every human being has rite to dream Why the persons I hav mentioned are successful… because they had desire to succeed and y they desire to succeed because they dreamt and believed in their selves that they can convert their dreams into reality. And they did it. So when they can do it, you can also do it.

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