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There are a lot of negative classroom conditions that influence the teaching environment. Negative classroom conditions can influence teachers in either a good way or a bad way it all depends on what is being said in the classroom. Negative classroom conditions can cause teachers to get so angry at students and give them a punishment that they don’t deserve. The 10 Negative classroom conditions that I am going to talk about are, unmet needs, frustrated desires, advantageous, urge to transgress, Temptation, bad habits,

Poor behaviors, Avoidance, unselfish personality, Neurological Based Behavior. These 10 negative classroom conditions are really influencing the teaching environment. Unmet needs in a classroom is just like leaving a child behind when that child does not understand what you as a teacher had already gone over. You as a teacher needs to try and make sure that your students know exactly what you are saying otherwise if you move on and don’t answer all the students’ questions than you will have students with unmet needs.

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I am not a teacher yet but when I was tutoring some kids earned that it is much better if you answer all the questions first before moving onto the next subject. By doing so each student will understand more in class and won’t have a lot of misunderstanding about certain subjects. Students that succeed faster than other students might get their work done faster than other students, and when that happens the students the get their work done faster than the rest of the class those students will get bored and will start to goof off and that is when those kids will get in trouble and most definitely will have some unmet needs.

Frustrated desires in a classroom is eke talking to a wall when it comes to frustrated students that don’t understand what is going on at school. Having kids with frustrated desires is tough to change. It is tough to get those kids to understand that it is k if you do not understand. Some kids think that they will get into trouble if they don’t get it that is not the case. With kids being frustrated in class it make it hard for them to concentrate on school work so they get distracted and then they start to goof off and that is what gets them into trouble. Advantageous in a classroom is not acceptable at all.

You can say this influences in the teaching environment. Another meaning for advantageous is favoritism and this to a teacher in a classroom is not acceptable at all in my eyes. All the schools that I have gone to don’t take favoritism very lightly. It is not fair if the teacher is favoring one student and leaving the other students out. If one student is favored and the other students notice it they might feel left out and might start acting out to get the same attention. Urge to transgress in the classroom I think is really good to influences the teaching environment.

This classroom condition think would have a huge influence on the teaching environment. To go beyond the bounds to help each and every student in your classroom I think is the best thing a teacher can do. Showing the kids in your class that you are whiling to go beyond the fact to help them understand and realize what they are talking about in class is the best thing a teacher can do for a child.

Can remember that my 4th grade teacher went beyond the matters to help me with everything that I needed to learn and understand just so that I can pass the 4th grade. So glad that he went that far to help me out. Temptation in the classroom I think is one thing you as a teacher just can’t get rid of. Every student has their temptations while in class or not. You can say that it influences the teaching environment, but can it in a good way or a bad way.

Temptation in a classroom can be bad and good it just really depends on the situation. Now I have had a lot of temptation while I am in class especially when it comes to science class. Temptation for me is like an urge to learn about new things and find Out more about other things. O as n influence in the teaching environment I think that it is good and bad it just has to depend on the situation that is going on at that point of time.

Bad habits in a classroom is not tolerated and when it comes to influencing in the teaching environment it can put a lot of stress on the teacher. It can also cause the teacher to give out harsh punishments and with that in mind the teacher has to be careful when giving out harsh punishments cause if the parent of that child finds out and does not like what you as a teacher did to their child they can file a law suit against you and against the school.

So when t comes to bad habits in the classroom you as a teacher needs to talk to the child and let them know that is not accepted in the classroom and if they keep it up then give them a punishment just make sure that it is not to harsh. Bad habits influence in the teaching environment I different ways as you can tell. Each teacher takes bad habits in a different way. With some of my teachers that have had in the past I can remember that some of my classmates would always cause trouble and each teacher treated that child differently. Poor behaviors in the classroom is not as tolerated as bad habits.

With poor behavior think about the class clown as everyone calls it. Poor behavior in the classroom this influences the teaching environment by having teachers discipline kids that act out in poor behaviors, as well as those kids that act out in a horrible behavior. There was times when I can remember when I was in the 6th grade and had seven different teachers for seven different subjects and in each class there was that one student that would always show his poor behavior just because he was bored and that he did not want to be there at school.

O when it comes to teachers and there classroom you want to try ND make it look welcoming and that some of your students may just show your poor behavior because they don’t want to be there. Avoidance in the classroom should not even be allowed. With this influence in the teaching environment it can cause strain on the teacher. I don’t believe that any teacher should avoid a child at any time. Any teacher should have their eyes on the kids at all-time no matter what is going on. When it comes to kids avoiding other kids that is normal and there is nothing really you as a teacher can do about that except for let them work it out on their own.

When it comes to teachers avoiding their students that is just not right in my book. I don’t think teachers should avoid their students that is just showing them that you really don t want to be a teacher and that you are just there to get paid and not help the kids learn. Unselfish personality in the classroom should be the only thing the child should be like in class. A selfish personality should be left at the front door and not in the classroom. When it comes to influencing the teaching environment think that unselfish personality should be welcomed in the classroom.

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