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Adults have experiences that influence their learning, and sharing their life story with other learners makes a training session more interesting by engaging into conversation. Creating a positive learning environment: Make sure that the room temperature is adequate, enough chairs for everyone to sit comfortable and making all the learners feeling relaxed during the entire session.

NEGATIVE Language: Having a session with multicultural adults can cause confusion and countermanding with some learners. It is important to ask questions if they understood everything and also speak slow and clear. Location of venue: As all learners come from different parts of the country it is important to familiarize them with the location and how to get there. It needs to be close to public transport and have a nearby car park. Also the surrounding should be peaceful as noise from traffic or other factors can impact negatively on the session.

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Principles of adult learning Principle How the planned activity reflects Adults are internally motivated and self-directed. As all the learners choose the CUPID course it makes them highly motivated and self-directed. 2. Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences. Formative assessments throughout the session by questioning learners about their experiences and opinions. 3. Adults are goal oriented. Setting up aims and SMART objectives helps learners to fully understand the importance of the training session. . Adults are relevancy oriented. Regardless the size of the business, excellent customer service needs be at the heart Of the business model in order to be successful. . Adults are practical. Adult learners like to learn from real life examples, by explaining the Nixon and Kennedy presidential debate helps them to understand how body language can make a difference while communicating. 6. Adult learners like to be respected. Learners opinions, experiences and views are discussed and valued.

Providing a great customer service is important for every business to be successful, regardless of the size. Every HER practitioner needs to understand the basics of customer service: how to communicate effectively with customers, why body language is essential while communicating and also how to deal with a difficult customer when they have a complaint. The human resources department exists to deal with issues such as health insurance, compensation packages, training and other issues that can be complicated and confusing to many employees.

Because human resources professionals deal with these issues on a daily basis, they Often understand them far better than most other employees and can sometimes not realize how confusing they can really be to those who are less involved in them. When human resources professionals appear impatient with employee questions, they can damage the overall morale of employees and contribute to higher turnover. HER is also responsible for the hiring process in many companies, so the performance of HER staff in dealing with job applicants can greatly affect the company’s ability to recruit top quality people.

Also important is that providing a good customer service is not only essential in business but it can also be used in everyday life. For example how to act and talk at a job interview or helping out a friend who is going through some cough moments. People communicate at all times, through e-mails, social media, phone calls or face to face and by knowing how to communicate effectively (use positive phrases, smile, listen and show empathy) it can help with their family relations, be successful on a job interview or be a better employee.

Resources that help to deliver the session and keep everyone engaged is a Powering presentation with an active conversation with the learners where they provide examples from their own experiences. After every part of the session questions are asked to recap the main parts and also to see if the session is meeting learners needs. To have a successful session after introducing myself an icebreaker helps the team to be more relaxed with getting to know each others interests and also to realize how different we all are but still have one important goal in common- CUPID course.

Being clear with aims and objectives with make the session more productive and successful, as the learners will understand why is the topic relevant for them. Also including real life experiences and knowledge helps me to be more confident while delivering the session. Questioning during the session helps to see if learning is taking place and to see if the learners keeping track. At the end of the session a brief summary will be held to see if everyone is satisfied with the training and if they will be able to apply the knowledge learned.

Giving out evaluation forms will help me to analyze my session and to see which parts could have been improved. Training Planner Lesson/Session Title Customer service Date 12th 13th May 2015 Attendee Numbers Maximum 12 Lesson/Session Duration 30 minutes Target group of attendees New starters in the department Location VI_C WHQL London Set Up & Seating Layout 12 chairs in informal arrangement with tables to place drinks and resources, Placed so that screen and flowchart can be seen.

Aims To understand basics of how to provide excellent customer service. Training Session Objectives 1 . Why is body language important and how to use it. 2. How to communicate effectively with customers. 3. How to deal with difficult customers and complaints. Insert Start Time 10:00 This lesson planner self-calculates timings – you need only insert the RED Start time (left), and each activity duration time. Do not enter times in the grey columns.

Start Time Activity Duration End time Lesson/Training Activity (include breaks) Training Method Resources Assessment method Notes 10:o 0101 10:01 Introduction and housekeeping Verbal Phones, restrooms, fire, injuries check 1001 0:03 10:04 Icebreaker Questioning the team about their favorite activities in order to get to know each other. Envelopes with random questions. WA Make a short conversation about their interests. 0:05 1009 Why is good customer service important Powering visual aid with explanation Visual aid

Formative: Check with learners their knowledge about importance of customer service Question learners experience 10:09 0105 10:14 Body language and listening Powering visual aid, explanation of the Nixon and Kennedy debate to make a point how body language effects people Visual aid Formative: Check with learners their understanding of body language Ask to give some examples from learners experience 10:19 Effective communication Powering visual aid with explanation, pausing without explanation to make a point why is it important to communicate.

Visual aid Observation of practical skills Question learners about customers expectations. 10:24 Dealing with complaints Examples of good and bad customer service Formative: Use knowledge from previous lessons to solve a complaint Explain how to use body language and good communication towards a difficult customer in order to solve a complaint 10:27 Reflection and summary Recap objectives, Q session Hand out notes Questions about today’s session 1080 Feedback Evaluation forms Summarize score Offer extra time at coffee if anyone wants discussion.

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