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Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment. The purpose of communication is for human beings to be able to understand each other in different ways and for several reasons. It can be any means, not just verbal but body language and virtual. We also communicate in a business environment to listen to each others’ problems, and solve difficulties we face in day to day operations in our work and personal life. It helps us find solutions to hindrances that may come into our lives. Different communication methods have to be used for various reasons.

In a business environment there are a wide range of people and organizations you will have to talk to thus making you change the way you speak and communicate to each one to correctly portray the image of the business. Each different way of communicating has its positives and negatives, due to this certain communication methods are used for certain situations. In a business you might be put in a situation where you have to be formal to a client or boss, for this situation a text or social media contact would not be appropriate and portray the business in an unprofessional light.

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However if a correctly worded mail was drafted up and sent to the recipient the business would be portrayed how it likes. Sometimes however drafting up an email to a work college for a small, insignificant thing can take up a lot of time that could be used working, this is why communication methods like memos and texts are used in a business. Memos and texts are a quick and simple way that someone can get a message across a business internally without wasting time and effort as formality is not an issue.

Also in a business, managers like to add some personality when dealing with clients or staff, and sending an email an only provide a slight bit of personality, that’s why one of the most used way of communication, as well as email, is using the telephone. As well as adding that bit of personality it can also be quick and unlike an email you know the person has received the information there and then, also you can add a lot more in a telephone conversation than you can in an email. 1. ) Describe the communication requirements of different audiences. As there is a vast spectrum of all the audiences that you can come across in a business it is sometimes easier to split them up in to categories. I’ve found hat in terms Of communication the biggest separator is whether it’s internal or external. Internally you have your boss’s and other employees, these employees could be above or below you in the hierarchy of the business. For me I have another department up in London and my boss here in Canterbury.

Due to the small structure of the business most of my internal communication is with my boss who is next to me, therefore face to face and body language is at the forefront of comes. This being the case it doesn’t have to be formal, its much like talking to a friend about business, this is also the case for the emails that send and get sent. Due to the large amount of files being transferred every day between us there is no need to send a long paragraph explaining everything. However things are slightly different with the rest of my department.

Although we consider ourselves as all friends and colleges when sending emails or phoning each other it is slightly more formal and explaining stuff in more detail as our relationship in only virtual over phone or email compared to me and my boss. Externally however the basis is much more focused onto the formal side of communication, mostly virtual and non-facial, however sometimes like for example a business meeting with linens, face to face and body language does come into play. In my business most of the communication externally is through the phone and emails as I deal with a lot of energy companies and business clients.

Due to this the focus is mostly on the formal side as to represent the correct fashion at which are company runs. In emails a correct opening and footer is required with a lot of detail and correct grammar and sentence structure, and the right mind set to make the emails sound good and not angry or bitter. This also accounts for on the phone as I have to deal with a lot of unhelpful energy company employees who like to make our job difficult, this intensifies if it also affects our customers and makes us look bad.

We will be soon going out to customers businesses in Canterbury advertising our business and approaching the business that have enquired about us. This involves a lot of face to face and body language comes, also the importance of being formal during and throughout meetings is crucial. 1. 3) Explain the importance of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and conventions in business communications. In business grammar and punctuation can easily change you from having a linen to losing a client, the use of grammar cannot be underestimated in the world of business.

In business you may have to be asked to write emails, letters, presentations, memos, business letters and fliers and in each of these no matter if its formal or informal grammar and spelling still get noticed and still can have a detrimental effect on your work life. The helpful part is that most of our communication methods are on the computer or phone, where spell check is present and can stop the little small mistakes you make, however it still doesn’t pick up on for example mixing ‘had’ and ‘has’, both are rods and therefore won’t be picked up, that’s why it IS paramount that a quick skim read after happens.

A poorly spelt or poor grammatical piece sent to a potential client or boss tells them that you could be unprofessional, uneducated and even not caring about your job enough to spend a minute re-reading your work. This in turn could lose either profits and revenue or even your job if it carries on. However on the good side if you produce a piece for a client correct laid out with perfect grammar and spelling it could turn a business’s view in favor of your business. This could also lead to the boss or manager to give more responsibility to you as the boss knows that you can portray the business in the right light. A) Explain the importance of using appropriate body language and tone of voice when communicating verbally? Body language can sometimes speak louder than words, and this can have a big effect of work life in general. The appropriate body language and tone of voice can add a lot to a meeting and phone call to persuade the client in your favor. Body language can give the impression of you being really interested, I. E. Leaning forward, open body frame or being really unimpressed, bored and not really caring, I. E. Arms crossed, leaning back, inward facing body stance.

And due to this it can be a very big thing to look for. If, for example, in my workplace I went out to see a customer about how they can save on their electricity bills but started the conversation with crossed arms, leaning back nonchalantly, looking around not really making eye contact, the customer would get the impression I didn’t care about his business and would lose that client. Tone of voice is much the same, yet has a bigger impact due to the fact it IS picked up more often. Tone of voice can easily portray the exact feeling that you’re experiencing and lay it off to the client.

This means that even in a stressful situation or a situation that you might get angry you still have to use the tone of voice to attract the customer instead of push them away. A typical example of this would be on the phone to energy companies, even at the best of times getting information out of them is hard, so if they at first say they can’t help you and you raise you voice and your tone gets slightly angrier they most certainly won’t help you and it will also cause a barrier between your company and there’s. However if you are calm and collected, and patiently coax the employee on to your side you can get the information out much easier.

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