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I performed the light skinned versus dark skinned test on IAT. The results from my test showed that I favor dark skinned versus light skinned people. I do think the test produced valid results. I have a sister that is a darker skinned African American. I watched people treat her different than myself growing up. I have always made a conscious effect to make sure I block those negative prejudices. I think it is possible to point out prejudice but not to accurately measure them.

I feel there is no extreme versus light case. Prejudice is not like grading someone on their skills or knowledge. When a person chooses to judge others without knowing them personally that is a personal issue. I choose not to look at a person and say he/she is more prejudice than another person. I would have to say he/she was not educated and I would like to assist them with their faults. Another way sociologists measure prejudice is by social interaction tests.

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Sociologists could also used a personality test to see what common factors each group of people has and how they could incorporate their ideas into groups that oppose them. In another class of mine, we had to complete this test and see what type of person we are. The test showed how each person thinks and how they work; whether it was in a group or by themselves and if they liked to be in complete silence in order to learn more effectively. Sociologists could use this test as part of their own.

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