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What does Professor Jacubowicz claim was the idea behind the push for the expanded immigration program at the end of WWII? As said by Professor Jacubowicz, the idea behind the push for the expanded immigration program at the end of WWII, the idea was to bring in British migrants and Europeans who were most likely to assimilate into Australian society. Asians and Jews were believed not to be able to assimilate, hence their migration continued to be severely restricted. What happened in 1958?

In 1958, the dication test for migrants was officially abolished and permits for immigration were thereafter solely at the option of the Minister. What did the Colombo scheme do for Australian migration? The Colombo scheme allowed Asian migrants to study at Australian universities therefore contributing to Australian migration. What does the Labor Party say is the only sensible policy to pursue? The Labor Party believes that the only sensible policy to pursue is that of assimilation and absorption.

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What is the Labor Party continued to oppose? The Labor Party is continuing to oppose any attempt to create a multi-racial society in our midst. What are three interesting recommendations made by the programme in relations to migrants? Three interesting recommendations made by the programme in relation to migrants are: •Changing patterns of Australia’s labour requirements should be kept under constant review and the methods of attracting migrant workers adjusted to meet new needs as they develop. Opportunities for skilled migrants to obtain more training as to secure acceptance as tradesmen in Australia should be more readily available; with encouragement given to migrants in these situations. •In order to meet the targets implied in this report, it will be necessary also to diversify and develop assisted migration from non-British European sources. What are three potential source countries apart from the United Kingdom? Three potential source countries apart from the United Kingdom are: •Netherlands •Spain •Italy

What incident is this press release responding to? The incident this press release is responding to is the use of highly emotive language being used in regards to the debate concerning Australian’s immigration policy and the nature of Australian society. What challenge must government and community organizations accept? The challenge the government and community organizations need to accept is the challenge of further developing those supportive structures which are essential to the moulding of a cohesive, multi-cultural society in Australia. .

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