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I believe it is the right of any human being to be totally in control of their own life even when it means being able to decide to terminate it, whether in sickness or perfect health. It should be up to their own ethics to consider their immediate family and friends, for the emotional consequences will be theirs. Perhaps an age of indepedence and resposibility should be established to ensure nobody is lured by others or termimate their life due to childish inability to make eduated choices.No law should stand in the way of this individual acting on this right. Any such law should be regarded as religious discrimination which is a clear violation of our human rights in this country.This is another topic that i believe the government should NOT have any say in. It should be made by the individual. I know that if i had an incurable disease and was in a lot of pain I wouldn’t want the governemt to come in and tell me what to do. I cannot believe that the government had the nerve to march into the northern territory the other year and tell them that they had to RE-BAN euthanasia. I feel so sorry for the family, friends and individuals who have considered euthanasia or who have gone through with it, the media has a feild day everytime. This is another reason why there should be the option of euthanasia so that the media does not have a circus, as I think that it should be a private time for familiesIf someone is that depressed then that is their own right to take their life but if someone can help them before it is too late, it would make a difference. I nearly killed myself at the beginning of this year and if it wasn’t for my family and friends and my wonderful boyfriend then I would be dead now. But I was desperate and miserable enough to kill myself and I think that it is the individual’s own choice and no one else’s.everyone should have their own choice. it should be legal.great bandEuthenasia should be legalised in special conditions like when people don’t want a long suffered death but it should NOT be legalised to sell off the streets as it could result in murder and suicidewhy put a person through misery when all they want to do is die and there is nothing you can do to help them?? yes, euthanasia is like suicide, but if someone else doesn’t kill them, if it’s that bad they will try that anyway… so why not just help them and put them out of their misery rather than letting them suffer and become spiteful…If I wanted to die I’d bloody do it myself and not ask others to do it for me. But i think it should be legalEveryone makes their own decisions in life and this should be no different as long as it is for a worthwhile purposeif someone wants euthanasia done to them let them do it. it is their body and noone can tell them what to do to it.Scenario. You’re in pain. Agony. You want to die. Whose bloody right is it to say you shouldn’t. It’s an absolutely personal decision that doesn’t concern anyone but the person suffering. It shouldn’t even be a topic of debate. You want to die, for justifiable reasons, it’s up to you. Simple as that.Yes, Euthanasia should be made legal in every state in Australia. If someone has a terminal illness and doesn’t want to suffer any longer, they should have the choice to pull the plug on themselves. Euthanasia isn’t about human rights. It’s about dignitytheir gonna die anyway so it should be their own choice,Should be legal, because it’s unfair to make people suffering from a fatal illness stay alive when they have no wish to.I have nothing against euthanasia. I would rather die with my dignity than lay in a bed drulling not knowing who I was why my family bathed my bed sores and watched helplusly as I lost every ounce of control over my mind and body. I put this to you, you wouldn’t let your family dog slowly die and suffer the pain of his injuries. Somethings just can’t be fixedWe should have the right to choose when to die.If they want to die, let them, other wise they’ll do it another wayif the person really wants then i reckon its ok. you have to respect peoples wishes. I don’t see much point in living life if u have 2 spend the rest of it in bed.they say let people die of natural causes but what about living? living off a machine doesn’t sound very natural to meWhy should the unwell have their pain prolonged. Would you rather die a slow horrible death or put an end to your pain?This is a topic that comes down to ONE THING. If YOU were on your death-bed, in incredible pain or shameful lack of dignity, are you seriously gonna lie there and say to yourself “well I’m gonna wait till the final hour”? I think that so long as you are given a confirmation from two or three seperate doctors that say you WILL die anyway, why lie there in agony, causing yourself and your relatives so much grief? I know what I’d do, whether I was “permitted” or not…(And God help anyone that charged my family or doctor for helping me…)i believe that 50% of all Euthansia cases are caused by society or the public. Including their opinionHey, if someone is in so much pain, then why should it be prolonged?Under the right circumstances, it should be an option for anyone to consider. Im all for it.THATS AS BAD AS SUSSCIDEIt is up o the person not meIf there is a right to life, why isn’t there a right to wave that right? People always say when you need motivation – it’s your life, do what you want with it. and when you have decided what to do and they don’t like it, youre being stupid. I hate itwhen people say euthenasia and suicide is selfish. WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY?IT IS UP TO THE PERSON AND THE PERSONS FAMILY AND THAT IS ITI think that a person has a right to decide whether or not they live or die. If a person is in extreme pain, and will inevitably die anyway, and wishes to be spared pain, then they should be allowed to be euthanased. It is not up to the government or whoever else to decide that euthanasia is a “bad thing”Like with abortion, it should be up to the individiual to decide. Surely if someone hwo has a terminla illness wants to ddie with diginity and in peace, we should respect that decisionNot for me, but it is a personal choice. The choice should be available to those who want itWith eurhanasia, the real problem started with the medical revolution. Why are people still alive long after there natural life expectancy is over? its just the drugs and the machines keeping them alive, and these are human-induced factors anyway. Eg, my grandmother is so bored, she has nothing to do all day, shes too old and stuffed up to do the things she loved. and even though she is healthy, if it wasnt for her heart tablets, blood pressure tablets etc etc she would definity be dead. Murder in the form of euthanbasia isnt the answer, but i dunna what is, but i know my grandmother should not be alive today.If old people are in pain and want to die, let them.I was thinking about this, because at my school we are doing euthanasia in Religion, and i was thinking, wouldn’t putting your favourite dog or pet be euthanasia as well?�? Because they are in pain when they are put down, and so are the humans who are being killed…Ok, so its different curcumstances, for each person, but just think, the next time you have to take your pet to the vet,and the bet tell’s you that it would be better for your beloved animal to be put down…Think, “but isn’t that illegal, because its just like euthanasia?”It should performed when needed, with full backings from everyone!It is totally up to the individual. After a consultation with their doctor (not a board of psychologists and other such professionals), a patient should have the right to die with dignity, and without suffering any pain or humiliation. Also, there would need to be well enforced regulations and guidelines to follow to prevent “corruption” and tragedy.If you are termenally (bad spelling) ill, and there is nothing to be done, and you want to die, then die you should. You are just preventing further pain and you are going to die eventually.Every one has the right to choses to die so why should we have the right to stop them.Go for it!Euthanasia, is a hard topic. If I had a choice I would not take it. Life I believe is precious to me. However I think it would be fair if the patient had a choice in cases where it has a lot of suffering. THIS MUST BE CONTROLLED People in Holland who have HIV and not the final stage of AIDS have seeked to have Euthanasia. This I believe is WRONG!!!!I think it is atricky situation seeings that people may murder and use euthanasia as a scapegoat. If it is done under proper screening , like the Sydney Euthanasia hospital,and mental screening then it would stop people murdering Again it isthe persons right to live or die…noone elsesIf a person has a disease that will only get worse , and they feel they want to end it early, whynto let them? As long as their is proof that this is THEIR decsion and not someone elses, then i think its fairIf the person want to die then let them die, life is long and boring enough without having to suffer in pain at the very end of itEverybody deserves to die with dignityPersonally, I would have difficulties with this, but that is due to various religious beliefs that have been pounded into me since I was a kid. If you are in pain, and there isn’t the remotest possibility of recovery, do it. No outcry from me. I don’t think I could. But I believe in freedom of choice very strongly, and no religious doctrine or politically correct ideas should sway what is ultimately a persons right of choice.I am not an advocate for suicide (i think that it is the easy way out for to many people – you should deal with your problems), but if i were terminally ill, and wished for death, then i think that no-one has the right to with hold that from me. It is my life, and ultimately it is my decision how i live it. The main objection that most people have agaist Euthanasia is based on religion – but what right do these people have to foister their own religous beliefs onto others?AS WITH ABORTION ITS A PERSONS RIGHT,AND THAT RIGHT SHOULDNT BE VIOLATED.If someone is that depressed then that is their own right to take their life but if someone can help them before it is too late, it would make a difference. I nearly killed myself at the beginning of this year and if it wasn’t for my family and friends and my wonderful boyfriend then I would be dead now. But I was desperate and miserable enough to kill myself and I think that it is the individual’s own choice and no one else’severyone should have their own choice. it should be legal.There can never really be a “right” to life if there is no “right” to death. It is just the flip side of the coin, and must be ackowledged as such. How can you have full control over your life if you cannot take an active role in it’s end, if that is what you wish Choice is the most precious thing we have, it is what defines us as who we are as individualsIf someone is sick and choses to no longer live, what right do we have to say no, this is a personal decision and up to that person, no one elseI just hope that if i end up 80 years old and unable to ealk, communicate, etc, some kind person will come and give me a lethal injectionEuthanasia is very similar to the topic of abortion!. It depends on the circumstances surrounding the isssue and weather euthanasia would be applicable. If there was terminally ill person dieng and in great pain, i don’t know how anyone could make a decsion on weather to let them live or die!people should get the choise as it is there life that is going to end.. and if they are in pain and going to die anyway .. well it should be there choiseYes legalise it definitely put the poor people out of their misery if that’s what they want. What’s the point in wasting time and resources on someone who doesn’t want to be here. everyone dies it’s just a matter of how and when, personally I’d rather die then be kept alive by machines or be a vegetable. I would put more emphasis on the quality of life rather than the length.this is something i believe in, why should someone have to suffer before dying?A person makes all the decisions concerning themselves in their lives, if they want to die than it’s their choice and they should be able to do what they please with their lives. Euthanasia is just an accepted form of suicide, so if someone’s in extreme pain and only living cause they don’t have the power to die, it’s not very fair.Depends on the circumstance! However if it is made eassily accesible, i think some people will be preassured into it!I think that people should be able to die at there own will without pain if there is no other choice for them but to die a slow painful death. It is stupid that politicians can make those decisions for them when they haven’t been in that situation themselves.The world is already ruined by disrespect and the unknowing of its spirit….why not leave it as unaturally as we have been brought up..Well, if i had cancer and i was dying slowly. Id wanna die ( end my life ) A.S.A.P caus to die in pain would be hell So i say YES!!!!I agree with it in one way and not in another I think it should only be done through choice of the patient and if they chose that then let em go cause they obviously don’t want ot live do they.Euthanasia is perhaps the ultimate act of mercy. Terminal patients should be permitted to choose to live or to leave. We all die one day. So why is it wrong for one to choose to die especially under such tortuous circumstances that are irreversible? Or has it got more to do with our Judeo-Christian tradition and respect for life? Things change. The world changes. The church changesWe agree with Euthanasia because if you are really suffering then you should be able to die is you really wanted toI agree with euthanasia, if you’re in pain and dying, with no hope of getting better, why not die when you want without pain? It makes perfect sence to meIf people want to die when they are terminally ill then we shouldn’t stop themShould be the patient’s choice in that they should have the right to do it if they wanThere is not a more humane thing to do that let a person die willingly. If someone doesn’t want to live for whatever reason then they should beunder no obligation to do just that. It is only fair to legalise evrything and let people choose for themselvesYeah I always have wondered how the Youth In Asia are?if u really want to die go ahead u r not doing anyone any favours by hanging around depressed if u dn’t want to be here u would be better off dead, freedom of choiceand all that let them go it will make them happierI’m not 18 so i can’t care less!People have a right to take their own lives.. and family members don’t deserve to watch the ones they love die in pain..and mentally inapt to live what we call.. a life..Euthanasia is about human rights..about democracy.. about choice.I think we should use Euthanisia. If someone is going to die a slow, long, and painful death then they should have the right to be able to say look, i don’t want to be in this agony anymore can i please die now so that i can save myself and others seeing me dying slowly and excruciatingly painfully. The argument that these people should have a right to life and that they should live is purely cruel. Imagine having a parent or relative with an un-curable disease. Day after day you see them in total agony, wishing that you could cure them magically or do something for them to stop the pain. This would go on for weeks/months and maybe even years if they are strong-willed enough to fight for so long. You would most certainly come to the conclusion that Euthanasia would be the right way end your relation from their pain and suffering. Although it would mean losing that particular relation sooner than their natural death, it would mean you wouldn’t have to deal with the tremendous pain of seeing them slowly dying painfully, then seeing them slowly drift away. Having gone through some of their difficulties with them, knowing that there is no hope for them. By ending their life that way it would cause the family of the dear departed to be relieved from seeing the pain. Hopefully some of the idiots who think Euthanasia is wrong will see this Human side to the argument.killing sux no Xcuses thereultimately it comes down to your own decisionI can’t believe what other people have said about the subject of euthanasia. As far as I am concerned it is my life and I may do with it what I want. I am not an advocate for suicide, I just believe that in some extenuating circumstances (cases where death is certain, and where quality of life is terrible, for instance) people, with adequate guidance and counselling, should be able to make a choice about the direction of their life. So many people have said that thay are so much against it, but if they had heard the reasons for euthanasia from a person who wanted assisted suicide, perhaps they would change their mind.I feel that there is a vocal minority in Australia that pressured the government into introducing legislation that would nullify the Northern Territory Rights of the Terminally Ill Act. Maybe there should be a referendum to decide whether the Constitution should be changed to allow people to make their own decision. The absolute majority of opinion polls showed that many people were in favour of euthanasia, but our representatives in Government chose to ignore this information and vote as they personally wished in the conscience vote. I know for a fact that this what my local MP did. I read an article in a local paper where he tried to justify his decision to vote against euthanasia. In my opinion, he failed miserably. Religion is increasingly being left behind by the people of today.As a young adult male, I can understand why major religions such as christianity are losing supporters. From the innocence of youth, I believe that my next-door-neighbours religion should have no consequance whatsoever on my life. Why do people try so hard to hoist their religion onto others? The only people they hurt are the ones who need the pain least- the terminally ill. Also, I wish to point out that, no matter the number of painkilling drugs, there are still and always will be people for whom pain is an inescapable fact of life. Please support these people and their decisions, and allow them the dignity to chose when to end their own lives.person shouldn’t have to go through heaps of pain. Most humans have a low threshold of pain when it comes to things like cancer, etc. I’ve seen some of my relatives with cancer one even died, and I saw all the pain and agony that she went through. I don’t think anyone should have to go through all that. ,I believe that euthanasia should be allowed, as I know that if I was dying in pain I would want it to stop. Euthanasia can also be easier on the family as no one wants to see some one in a lot of pain especially a relative. The trouble is that doctors are trained to save lives not end them , but if you are dying anyway it should not be in pain. I would not want my family to watch me die in pain as death is already hard enough.dont know that much on this issue….. however, i feel it is the individuals right to decide whether or not they wish to continue living with life deteriating disease.It should be legalised. But only in some circumstances. There should be times when you can do it and times when it is totally not right.If someone is in that much pain they should be allowed to die die or else they would go crazy with pain. Sometimes dead is better.5 People should be allowed to take their lives if they want to. It’s their life. I wouldn’t take my own life because of religious reasons, but other people should not be bound to a law that only people of certain faiths believe in as long as it doesn’t endager other people’s lives.I think it should be legalised, if I contracted a terminal disease I would sure as hell want to choose how and when I died rather than slowly suffering…why make people suffer? i think it should be legalized and then people can choose to either have a very painful death or a peaceful. But this option should only be for people you are definetly going to die. i feel that it is not suicide in any way.people should be able to choose for themselves whether they want to suffer in hospital beds or be painless,Lagwagon go offYou should give people their dignity and relieve their suffering. Also free up hospital beds. Its their choice, no-one elses. Its their life, let them do what they feel is rightIf you commit suicide you don’t go to heaven. A old Cristian belief quickly going out of fashionThis is a hard subject for me to have an opion on. Sometimes I think it’s good and sometimes I think it’s bad.euthanasia should be legalized. we don’t need no more stinkin’ old people cluttering up the public hospitals and smelling of talcum powder…or if they are going to hang around, they can at least get me a good christmas present…not another pair of shoddy underpants,I believe that euthanasia should be allowed, as I know that if I was dying in pain I would want it to stop. Euthanasia can also be easier on the family as no one wants to see some one in a lot of pain especially a relative. The trouble is that doctors are trained to save lives not end them , but if you are dying anyway it should not be in pain. I would not want my family to watch me die in pain as death is already hard enough.I think Euthanasia should be allowed to go ahead because people who are in pain and suffering from a fatal disease should be allowed to decide that they want to die.Just say no! If someone else does it to someone, it’s aiding a suicide. If someone does it to them selves it’s suicide. Just die naturally! Everybody just wants everything when they want! He who waits… er, well, I forget the rest!,once you start it, who knows where it’s gonna stop. i’m all for just letting the person get off their treatment and let die a natural death, but not for the actual killing of a person. It’s not right., unsure, give this generation a fair go!No way! if it is allowed for some circumstances, acceptors will be made and we will end up picking and choosing who should live and die.Mixed feelings, but no. There are enough drugs to stop peoples pain. In the future it may be just a way to knock off the old dudes, and that’s not on..well I think its fair enough if people are in a lot of pain but I also think its hard on doctors if they have to be the ones giving the injection. In the end I think it should be ok but on special circumstances.

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