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In this coursework I am going to write about the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world which is in Brazil it contain various types of plant and animals. Some people are deforesting the rainforest this means that they are cutting down trees and plants.They are doing this because they are converting the trees into timber and selling aboard. The rainforest is very important to us because its contribute to global warming and it help the poor people to get money. I will be investigating the hypothesis which is deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is a major global environment issue that only the brazilin government can solve. I will decide whether I agree or disagree with the hypothesis.The rainforest is an environmentally important because the many trees absorb co2 from the leaves. The co2 has been pushed into the air by cars and factory. It regulate climate by transpiration this means that when it rains heavily in the rainforest the leaves absorb the water and when the sun comes out the water get soaked up in the atmosphere and the wet stuff on the ground becomes moisture. Soil erosion is when wind or rain washes away the soil which is good for growing crops. The land becomes infertile. The other thing that is environmentally important is biodiversity this is when different plant and animals live in the rainforest.The rainforest is being destroyed because the trees are being chopped down to make timber and it getting destroyed because people are mining and this can affect the different kinds f spices habitat the rainforest is being destroyed because the people need the rainforest for small scale farming . And it’s being destroyed by cattle ranching. Cattle ranching are a major cause of the rainforest destruction in central and South Africa. Ranchers’ slashes and burn rainforest to grow grass pasture for cattle. HEP station is destroying the rainforest because it might kill the plants and trees by their gas they give out. Small scale farming is an alternative to factory farming or more broadly intensive aggregative or unsustainable forming method that are prevented in primary world.The Brazilian government role in this is to grow the population economy and they are hoping to reduce the national debt. In 2001there debt were w ell over $200billon. The governments need the money for the invest, raw material and electric power. The governments are in favor of some logging and mining because it will bring wealth to them for the countries. The government has thought to use the jungle to absorb the thousands of people job by cutting the rainforest down. In 1999 the Brazil government external debt was around $250.000 million pound. The government needed to find about $95billion to fund it debts obligation and pay for its trade deficitThe effect of deforestation is that it affects the home to most of Brazil 500,000 Indian tribes that live in the Amazon rainforest. The guaran Indian have committed suicide because there home is being cut down. In august 1999 deforestation increased by 15%. The environmental effect of deforestation is that more co2 emission is getting polluted in the air and this affecting other countries next to the Amazon rainforest because that country will have a high co2 emission as the Amazon rainforest. Between 1991 and 2000 the total area of the forest lost in the Amazon rainforest rose from 45,000 to 587,000km2. The government announced that the rate at which the Amazon rainforest is being cut down has increased rapidly over the past few monthsThe responbilties that other stake holder have is that they are respecting the Amazon rainforest. And the green peace pressure group has listed nearly 100 companies to a deal in illegal mahogany to meet the growing demands from the American makers. The green peace groups are calling the government to stop a series of domestic of deforestation. And the green peace groups are stopping the timber companies to cut down the trees to save the rainforest. Other countries should give aid to Brazil government because too much co2 emission is going to the air and they should help them to stop it.The positive policies that the government can introduce are that the government could give money to the fund research into ways of replacing the wood from the rainforest with an other material or wood from other source. The rainforest can be conserved by not cutting down the trees. They can sustain the rainforest by turning it into national parks and protected by environmental laws. This can help because people can pay and this can make money for the government and this can not destroy the rainforest. The other sustainable resource is that it gives more importance to minerals and potential for the hydroelectric power generation in the area. This enable the government money and it gives electricity to the people without knocking down the trees. And the other policies is that strengthening of the institution charged with environmental protection of the rainforest this can help because the government can put security guard to make sure that no one is destroying the rainforest.In the conclusion I think that the hypothesis is a problem because it is effecting the people in brazil and I think that only the Brazilian government can solve and it is effecting other counties because next brazil because of the co2 emission is very high in brazil and I think that the brazilin government can solve this by reducing the co2 emission.

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