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The two versions of Romeo and Juliet are similar in speaking but different in acting such as one is set in the old times and the other in the modern times. If I had a chance to direct act 1 in Romeo and Juliet I would do it like this:Right at the beginning I would have a loud dramatic tune coming in to shock the viewers but then slowly decrease as the narrator gives the opening speech. While that is happening I want scenes of a well developed city comparing what the Montague’s have that the Capulet’s don’t and vice versa, such as how big there houses and their work place are.After the narrator stops giving his opening speech I then want another dramatic music coming in and even more louder while it shows the main characters of the film doing something in the film and been taken a snap of, such as I would want Romeo’s father to smoke a big cigar while is he resting at home, or a screen shot of Benvolio pointing a gun at the audience. The screen shots will be fast and will not be showing for long.The first part I would want to see the Montague’s in a more outdoor outfit having a race on motor bikes with loud rock music, where they stop by a normal shop to hang out. At the same time the Capulet’s are already there and are also just hanging out and having a good time. They are wearing more smart clothes and have more style than the Montague’s. At this point the camera faces down on the Capulet’s and not showing there face yet and they wear smart shoes with metal lining on the heel and on the side with their names Capulet showing.Both side enter the shop and with the Montagues queuing up first to buy a pack of cigars the Capulet think they pushed in line and the first scene of a Capulet is shown called Abra who jumps the line in front of the Montagues laughing. Abra is wearing a suit with only a vest been worn on the top with and has one gun held in a cover hanging from his shoulder to his waist. He is wearing a lot of silver jewellery and has sun glasses that black out his eyes. The Montagues are annoyed at this and makes a funny face behind Abra and spits out. Abra sees this in a mirror in front of him and turns sharply and with an angry face, he exposes his silver lining of teeth.There speech between the Montagues and the Capulet starts of calmly but then is broken by Abra been more aggressive and at this point the camera switches and it shows Benvolio who comes inside to check why his comrades are taking long and then catches a glimpse of Abra been aggressive. Benvolio has two guns hanging from his shoulder to his waist and pulls out both guns with Montague written on the gun in an italic font which is colourful. The Montague takes his position hiding behind the shop shelves which is when Tybalt who also wants to know why his comrades are taking so long and comes in a slow walking set with his heel grinding against the floor.The camera looks down at Tybalt’s feet and then slowly rises as he enters the shop with a cigar in his mouth and he is wearing lots of gold jewellery on him. Tybalt wears a suit with the top and the bottom but underneath he only wears a tight vest which is shown when his buttons are undone on the top. Benvolio is still standing there with his guns pulled out on Abra and he slowly glances to his side when he sees a more powerful Capulet walking in. Meanwhile the other Montague is hiding next to a buggy with a child inside it who laughs at him, he gets annoyed and pulls an ordinary gun at the child and the child starts to cry.There is a brief talking between Benvolio and Tybalt in a calm way and with Benvolio in a more hesitance speech. Suddenly an ordinary citizen comes walking in to the shop and Tybalt swings around sharply and points his gun at her which she screams. He then swings around to Benvolio and shoots but misses as Benvolio dives out of the way and crashes to the floor and both of his guns fall out of his hand. The other Montague comes out and shoots wildly at Tybalt and Abra and forces Tybalt to the ground while he takes cover behind some shelves. Meanwhile Abra who starts smashing bottles of petrol those are stored in the shop by throwing them at the Montagues. Then all of a sudden Benvolio notices the cigar in Tybalt’s mouth and knows he is going to drop it and will catch fire to the petrol.Then all of a sudden the other Montague takes a quick escape through the back and runs to his motor bike and alerts the rest to run. Meanwhile Tybalt takes aim and fires a shot and hits the petrol tank in one of the Montagues bike and it starts to leak petrol. After the bike had got started he fires another shot and the bike explodes and kills a Montague. When the bike explodes a rock tune comes on showing how cool Tybalt is by doing that. Benvolio then starts to run and grabs his both guns and flees on foot. Tybalt still holding his gun and with a cigar in his mouth fires but misses Benvolio.He then drops his cigar and he and his comrades walk out while the shop catches fire and while people from inside run. At this there in intense burning and another dramatic music come in while the Father of Romeo and the father of Juliet are both told by their secretary what is happening. I want both fathers getting dressed in fighting outfit equipping themselves with weapons while Romeo’s mother come in to see what is happening and desperately tells him not to do this but he pushes her out of the way and prepares for the fighting. Meanwhile there is a gun battle raging between the two families with Tybalt and Benvolio fighting each other with hands. While all this is happening the army chief called Prince and his battalion warns the families to stop firing and stops the fight between the Tybalt and Benvolio. At the same time both fathers from both families come in a smart looking car and are arrested by the Prince.While the army unit starts to clean up the mess and put out flames that have been caught, the Prince gives a lecture to both fathers in a loud and aggressive way. Both fathers are then released and then turn back there own way. Romeo’s father then talks to Benvolio who was waiting outside. They talk calmly to each other and then leave the military base in his posh car with Romeo’s mother. There is a brief conversation about Romeo and where he is and Benvolio knew and asked for him to be dropped where Romeo was, for a private time between the two.As he walks to Romeo the camera shows us a glimpse of the poor area he was in and we get a cowboy type of music playing and see the grubby life there. Romeo is sitting on some stairs with him creating poets from his mind and out aloud. He is wearing a crook outfit with him wearing a black balaclava covering his upper face only showing his green eyes down to his nose wear we see a slight shade of facial hair on his cheeks and around his mouth. He also wears a black hat covering his hair down to his forehead.The camera then begins to look down he shows us him wearing leather black trousers and also him wearing a black jumper with also black ordinary shoes. We see him having two guns half inside his trousers either side of his waist. At the back of him we see a long shot gun in a case strapped to his back which is also in black. While Romeo is thinking about poetry, Benvolio comes and walks to him.When Romeo sees him he removes his balaclava and his hat and reveals his fair skin for the first time and the sun shines from behind which makes him look someone special. They both have a brief conversation talking calmly while Romeo rests his body on the stairs and Benvolio sits next to him. The calm talk does not last long when news is broadcasted on radio about the clash between the two families and sees Benvolio’s cuts and bruises and finds out everything. Romeo then puts on his balaclava and his hat and begins to walk of slowly leaving Benvolio to chase after him.

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