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How humans can affect the environment Split into groups of 5. Pick 2 of the titles and research them. (use corroboree books for information pages 264 – 283) Create questions (the number of marks is up to you) and create a mark scheme. You are going to teach each member of your group, your part of this topic and then test the rest of your groups understanding with the questions you create.

Print anything you need to teach the rest of your group. You may get questions from bites, AKA past papers or corroboree to help you.

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  1. The effects of the population explosion How and why has the human population risen without any consequences? What would happen to Other species if their populations grew? What is the effect on resources? How does this affect the environment? How is waste managed? What are the potential problems with poor waste management?
  2. Land and water pollution How do humans pollute land? What are the problems caused with land pollution? How do humans (farmers) pollute the water? What are the problems of polluting water?
  3. Air pollution How is acid rain formed?What are the effects of acid rain? How have humans tried to control acid rain? What have we done in the UK to try and reduce acid rain?
  4. Deforestation and peat destruction What are the effects of deforestation? (Include the effects on species and land) What are peat bogs? Why are they important for the environment? How are they useful for humans? How is the UK trying to discourage less usage of peat bogs?
  5. Global warming How has carbon dioxide levels changed over the years?How is carbon dioxide used and released in the environment? Member to teach what sequestered means) Explain the greenhouse effect What are the effects of global warming on the Earth?
  6. Befouls What are befouls? How are ethanol based fuels made? What are the advantages and disadvantages of ethanol based fuels (possibly a 6 marker! ) What are the latest befoul technologies? What are the worries and problems linked to current befouls?
  7. Biogas What is biogas? What are biogas generators? How do they work? What can they be used for? How can you increase the production of biogas?How well do other countries do at producing biogas? What is used to make biogas? What are the potential problems of the placement of biogas units?
  8. Making food production efficient How do food chains affect food production? How are animals artificially managed during food production? Why are certain things managed? How does this help the farmer produce more meat? Why are intensive farming methods used? What do you think the ethical and moral issues are with intensive farming? What is the problem of getting food from other countries
  9. Sustainable food production What is sustainable food production? Why is it important? How is the ocean managed? How are fish populations conserved? What is incorporate? How is it made? Why are we producing misconceptions?
  10. Environmental issues What are the problems with trying to obtain more food and water for a growing population? Build up of greenhouse gases – is there proof? Are the results reliable? How do we affect the global environment? What sort of data have we got about environmental issues? How strong is the evidence for environmental change?

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